End of Year 2010


Hello people! Welcome back to my blog. It’s last week of December 2010 which mean end of Year! Few more hours before we welcome the year of 2011. For today blog post will be sharing my overall summary of my life from my JAN 2010 till DEC 2010.

My life of this year was actually mixed with good and bad experience. Good as in, learned quite alots of new things throughout the whole month this year. Bad as in, lacking out of time, can’t complete the task i wanted to be complete this year. Anyway, either good or bad i still enjoyed my year 2010.

In January, February, March 2010.
Starting of the year, was addicted to one Taiwanese drama (Hi My Sweetheart) and soon later, starting get to attend many different type of event including fashion show, movie gala, product launch, food review and etc. It’s a good start of the year with new friends and experiences.

In April, May, June 2010.
School started this year, was studying in NYP multimedia course. Glad to know my wonderful classmate, project and exam days was kinda hard time for us but we still manage to overcome it and score well. Faris, Desmond, Justin and others.. you guys the best!

Somehow i get into the trend of Kpop this year, listening to Korean music, watching Korean variety show and drama.. Yup, my favourite kpop band group was Super Junior and SNSD. As days past by, i do like many other kpop artists too. They were talented and great to see their performance on stage too.

Next good thing happened was, i changed my blog skin this year! Thanks to Nuffnang and Ripplewerk for designing such an awesome blog theme for me. Thank you people for the good comment too! I’ll keep on blogging and sharing interesting stuff with me new blog theme.

In May, Great blogging achievement brought up where i got nominated into Ybloggist top 10. I was pretty happy and glad to know other Ybloggist members too. Thanks to omy.sg, had lots of fun during that period.

Somewhere in the middle of the month, was invited to Foods and Wine tasting with few other bloggers. Thanks to Neo Group Company for the invitation! Hope to see you guys again! ^^

During June, i was invited to Super Junior Showcase in Singapore. A million Thanks to Pat Law for the invitation because this was my first time seeing my fav. kpop band performing infront of me on stage.

In July, August, September, October 2010.
It’s was another happening month.. I attended Ybloggist award ceremony, knew new friends from there.. Especially a friend introduce by William call ‘Mint’, very cheerful blogger and now we are good friend! Can’t forget my another joker friend Yong Wei! You’re a great laughter ever! hahaha…

Yup! i attended kpop CNBlue Singapore Live performance too… Pretty thanks to Red Dawn Communications Company for giving me this opportunity to get up close with CNBlue members. I love their song yeah!

More and more event attended with Nuffnang Glitterati Plus (G+). It was a fun moment after all as we get to see more and more new things around us. Nuffnang G+ members, Bossming, Raine, and other Nuffies, you guys Rockz!

Still remember my YOG coca cola Bus ride and Domino’s Pizza Post? Yup! Thanks to Alvin Lim for inviting me to this 2 special event! Get to know 2 pretty and friendly blogger, Silver Ang and Geck Geck too! ^^

In November & December 2010.
During these 2 month, was invited to some beer media event.. Thanks to Alfred for the invitation and Yes, i do enjoy drinking my beer during the event.. because i am a beer lover..! Opps wait.. i love all the alcoholic drink! haha

Foodlicious Moments Lifestyle (FML) weekly episode was launched in November. By now it has a total of 7 episode, introducing 7 type of different foods found in Singapore. Well, it will be continue next year 2011. More FML episode coming up!

Coming end of year.. my days was packed with studies, project, exam and event. Nothing fail me from skipping event during exam period. lols.. As a student and blogger, i just hope myself can multi task whatever things i do in my life. Thus, thanks everyone for the support and i will do my best! Even though its difficult, There’s always a way to solve, no matter what, just don’t give up.

As my conclude of my year 2010.
I did enjoyed my 2010, it give lots of memories for me to preview and review. Well, this how fun my blogging life can be! Being blogger is not boring at all.. haha… Thank you all my readers, friends and family.

Looking forward Next Year 2011. Hope everything goes smooth and better! Hope more new happening and interesting stuff in my life. Huat ar! Have fun people! Get ready countdown to year 2011.

-End of Year 2010-


  1. happy nEw YEar HP, thanks for keeping us entertained. Even though some events too happening for uncle me :p (In 2011, I think HP+girlfriend will be BIG news, sorry me kaypoh. )

  2. andy: Happy new year andy! hahaa.. thanks for supporting my blog too! I hope in 2011 can meet you in some event..! lols! IF i have a girlfriend maybe it really gonna be a BIG news next year.. hahaha looking forward on that! xD