How Employee Assistance Programme Can Help Singaporean

Employee Assistance Programme

The workspace everywhere in the world has witnessed the phenomenon of anxiety, depression and lack of motivation. Singapore is no exception to this. Many employees here have come under the spell of different types of mental issues which, by and large, go unnoticed until they have reached an advanced level. Problems like a mental breakdown, panic attacks and severe anxiety disorder are something that not only hampers a person’s lifestyle but can also affect the productivity of the workspace he is a part of. This is one of the reasons why many employees in Singapore often have to leave their job or have to take leave to get rid of this problem.

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For an employer, this poses a problem. He can face significant losses or inconsistency in his company’s work process. To help him cope with this as well as to ensure that the employees’ mental health is looked after, getting an Employee Assistance Program or EAP in Singapore can work wonders.

EAP in Singapore consists of psychotherapists who tend to the workers facing some unresolved issues in their mind. With the help of elaborate counselling sessions and several other therapeutic courses, the therapists help the employees to overcome the mental pressure they are facing.

EAP in Singapore, therefore, can play a significant role in bringing back people to work. If you are looking for one of the best EAP in Singapore for your office, you can go for Incontact.

Why Is EAP In Singapore So Important?

As an employer, it falls under your purview to look into the areas where not only your work but also your workforce is being compromised. One such area is mental health. By instituting EAP in your office, you can expect an increase in both effectiveness and efficiency among your employees. Here are some of the reasons which you should take into account the effectiveness of EAP in Singapore.

Increased Productiveness

One of the impediments a company can face is the poor mental health of its employees. Lack of coordination with other team members, poor communication skills, difficulty in concentration, feeling low and lethargic are some of the symptoms of mental problems.

The task of all EAP in Singapore is to address this issue by providing counselling sessions. Employees, after their work or during lunch, can contact the psychotherapist and freely talk about the problems he is facing. Once his problem is properly situated, the therapist will know the right way to overcome his problem. As a result of this, the employee when duly rehabilitated will be able to give more to the company.

Avoiding Being Absent at work in Singapore

Avoiding Being Absent

An employee does not choose to remain absent from work. He or she may be feeling something inside which is very difficult for him to convey to others. In such a scenario, it is going to be quite difficult for employers to properly understand their situation. This, in turn, can put additional pressure on the employee since the pressure of work as well as his own mental health will be causing him twice the amount of burden.

Getting help from EAP in Singapore can go a long way to ensure that a worker regains his mental health and in return gives his best to his employer.

Regaining Confidence

Most sessions of EAP in Singapore bring the conclusion that one of the prime reasons for the poor performance of employees is their lack of motivation to do the work. Their daily routine of work alienates them from their own self. Though they understand that both the work and their dedication in it is extremely important for them, yet it is hard for them to recalibrate themselves accordingly.

In EAP sessions, one of the tasks of the therapists is to ensure the employee about his importance in the workspace. These sessions tend to cover up the gap which has occurred between the worker and his work. By bringing in sync the two, the therapist revitalises the work to get back the morale he was lacking for so long.

Building Teamwork

Many people must be quite good at what they do but they lack the confidence to talk to others. This introverted nature brings immense pressure on them and they try to avoid a situation where they have to confront their colleagues or superiors. Working under such pressure is not going to yield much. With the help of EAP, they can be counselled to achieve what they are lacking psychologically.

Employees are the most important asset of an office. Their mental well-being, therefore, should be the priority of every employer. Thus, getting EAP in Singapore can go a long way to ensure that employees not only work effectively but are also simultaneously encouraged to do so.