Effective Study Skills To Get Better Grades in Class

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Singapore is a popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia. This progressive city-state often finds a place in people’s bucket list for experiencing traditional culture and marvel at the fantastic modern architectural attractions here. Multinational companies also settle down in this tiny nation because of its booming economy.

Aside from establishing businesses, some foreigners also choose to enrol in one of the Singaporean universities due to its superb educational standards. Two of its local universities, namely the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, belong to the top universities in the world under the “2016 QS World University Rankings” and the “World University Rankings.” Because of this, the university study notes in Singapore is one of the most sought-after study guides worldwide.

Singaporean students study techniques

Most Singaporean students use different study techniques to get good grades during their exams. If you want to imitate the study habits of these students, you may follow these practical study guides to ace your upcoming exams.

Organise Your Notes

For a straightforward way of studying, you may carry a homework planner all the time. It will be your tool to write down your tasks like homework and projects. It will also remind you if you have an upcoming test or an assignment is due already. There are different types of homework planners to choose from. If you are the traditional type, you may get the notebook-type planners from your neighbourhood bookstore. If you have enough budget, you can invest in a digital planner or download dedicated student planner apps on your smartphone or tablets.

Always Pay Attention In Class

Each time your professor talks in the class, give your full attention to getting all the essential parts of the discussion. Practice your active listening skills by focusing on what your professor says and take down notes in your own words. It will also help you determine if you understood your class discussions. But remember, never let yourself get distracted while in the middle of the class. It means that you must always put your phones in silent mode and avoid chatting with your seatmates.

Ask Pertinent Questions About Topics You Do Not Understand

If one of the points of the discussion is not clear, you may raise your hand to ask a question. If you are embarrassed to do this in class, you may approach your professor after the class so you can better understand lessons better. This way, you will be able to answer the questions during the exams properly.

Create A Study Schedule

Review your planner to check if you need to prioritise an important task for any of your classes. Then come up with a detailed schedule containing your to-do list so you will not leave any homework undone. It would also help if you will look into any of the university study notes in Singapore and compare it with your notes to see if you are missing out any crucial information that has to be included in your upcoming tests.

Practising effective ways to study is one of the best skills that you will learn in school. You will also use this skill even after stepping out of the university and facing real life. But be prepared to give in a lot of time and patience to develop these skills. Once you master each of these tips, you will be able to ace all your upcoming exams and get the best grades in class.