Earth Hour 2011 at Marina Bay Promontory


Your first steps to saving the planet start here… Yesterday, met up with Terence and Daren for the Earth Hour celebration at Marina Bay Promontory organized by WWF. Thanks Darren for the event invitation through Power 98 FM radio station.

Registration booth was full of people queuing up for register and getting their goodies bag. It was a casual Saturday evening where many friendly and enthusiastic people were having their own picnic around the stage of Marina Bay Promontory.

As time was early, we went to visit other booth along the event held place. Met few familiar friends and also saw some interesting decoration. Took a picture with Terence and Darren.

Free Coca-Cola drink from Coca-Cola Singapore! Tiffany with her colleague!

Exploring the internal part of Nokia mobile phone. Do you know that every part of your mobile phone can be recycling? Answer is Yes!! Another way to help saving the earth is to recycle your item! Remember the 3R? Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

Internal Part of Mobile Phone

Body Art

Woohoo! We got our Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream!

Somehow the message from this card inspired me. Everyone have a dream to fulfill with… No matter how difficult it is, we must at least give a support on it.

Save the earth, at the same time save the shark too.

Picture with moo moo cow

Picture with Tiger

Sky getting darker and darker…

This guy who carry LKY bag was been interviewed by the videographer

Everyone was excited to see the light off at Marina Bay Promontory. Time around 8.25pm, speech was given on stage, guest and artists was gathered and the countdown began. *lol like countdown for new year* someone actually shout “Happy New Year” and i was like…. “Huh?” lol

Here started the earth hour earth. one round around the marina area and back to promontory. Quite a long distance walk and nice chatting with friends and people around us while walking along.

Cute Panda spotted!

Sweet couple walking in the darkness

Well, I did enjoy my earth hour celebration this year. In fact, this was my first time celebrating with friends on the Earth Hour day and it was a meaningful event to attend. Do remember, one people might not save the earth but with the help of million people, the earth will be saved.