Drug Treatment with Aversion Mobile Game

With the ‘worrying trend’ of more young drug abusers getting caught, the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) aims to reach out to the youths and educate them on the drug menace through their newly developed mobile game, “AVERSION”, that has been purposefully designed by students of Nanyang Polytechnic.

Personally, CNB’s plan is strategic where they understand the way to engage the younger generation is through technology, since most youngsters currently own a mobile phone and is heavily engaged with it. Aversion is a single player and non-score based game whereby the stages are not locked. Their main aim is to drive awareness on the harmful effects of drug abuse, and act as a learning point for youths to know the dangers and consequences of abusing drugs.

Getting teenagers to pick up knowledge on the harms of drugs bring about while playing the mobile game as an entertainment, is essentially killing two birds with one stone! The playing method is slightly similar to that of Angry Bird Game, but is much easier to pass the stages.

A category on the loading page is titled ‘Enemy Gallery’, with its purpose of offering the fastest way for players to learn more about the different types of drugs, how they looked like and also the negative effects and dangers to one. Crucially, I feel that this is ideal for youths. Not only is the information short and direct, the information is easily accessible and has been compiled to summarize the main points for the reader to remember. For youths who are lazy to do research on drugs, do download the game and have a good read within that section! I had a good time reading it! And it makes me wonder why some people would choose to ingest these things!

The game begins the moment you hit the ‘Start’ button, and you will represent ‘The Eye’. The Eye is supposed to dodge the drugs (Enemies) as you advance through the different stages and bypass various obstacles. To jump, simply tap, drag and then release on the screen. (Alike to Angry Bird Game, indicative arrows are provided for you to better gauge your moving direction.)

BUT! Aversion stands out on a different calibre compared to the Angry Bird Game! The concentration and patience level demanded to successfully steer clear from the drugs is EXTREMELY HIGH. Many times as I played the game, out of 5 red heart shaped lives, I lost them within seconds because I was not swift enough in my movements and I failed to bypass the drugs successfully. Alike to real life, many youths out there may try drugs out of curiosity, or to be seen as cool, but are completely unaware of the toll it takes on your health, life, family and even friends. I strongly recommend this game for all to have a clearer understanding of what harm drugs does to your health. It surely is an educational game bound to impact the lives of many. 

As I said, the game reflects close to 100% of reality, I have died multiple times during the game, and experienced the impacts each drug causes from coming into contact with them; till it has subconsciously reminded me of the negative effects of the respective drug created in-game. The pop-up messagesat the start of a level serve as a timely reminder of the new drug enemies you will meet in game, by describing the drug and its effects. It is clear, easy, interactive and fun!

Finally, congratulations to those who successfully bypass every obstacle and get awarded 3 out of 3 stars! It means that you have successfully cleared that level! With that, you are able to advance up to 8 levels within each stage, whereby a total of 40 levels from 5 stages await you; with different background themes!

Now, if you are able to win your friends at the different levels and stages, show off your skills by earning achievements!

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