Dragon Blade (天将雄师) Movie Review


Dragon Blade Movie Review:
Director’s Daniel Lee and Producer’s Jackie Chan unleashed their biggest historical action film production – The Dragon Blade movie for this Lunar New Year festive season. It was an impressive film with cast from Hollywood John Cusack and Adrien Brody, Korean star’s Choi Siwon and Asia’s Lin Peng and Wang Ruoxin, a spectacular thrilling stage and cast by Jackie Chan.

This movie tells about a situation resolving between protection squad of the western regions Han Dynasty and roman kingdom. Jackie Chan fighting spiriting is back in this blockbuster, every action and hard-work of tears of his has placed in this film.

Dragon Blade is a worth watching movie for Chinese New Year festival, wonderful storyboard and admirable cinematography guide by Director’s Daniel Lee and Jackie Chan. It was inspiring and heart-warming, brotherhood, racial harmony and of course those tremendous action scenes will definitely stun your heart-beat. I rate this Dragon Blade movie 4.5/5 stars.

Dragon Blade (天将雄师) movie will be releasing on 19 February 2015 in Singapore Cinema Golden Village and Cathay theaters. Don’t miss it!

Dragon Blade Movie Synopsis:
Huo An (Jackie Chan) is the Commander of the Silk Road Protection Squad. As an orphaned child, he was the ward of the legendary General Huo Qubing. Now, with trusted subordinate Yin Po (Choi Si-won), he leads a troop of soldiers to safeguard China’s borders. They tackle the mission with a deep-seated belief in equality, tolerance and peace. However, it’s an era of deep unrest in which Huns nomads roam the northwestern territory occupied by 36 warring nations. One day, Huo An meets the beautiful and feisty Cold Moon (Lin Peng) when resolving an ethnic dispute. She fights him in a duel, only to fall for him when he defeats her; but Huo An is committed to his troops and teacher wife Xiuqing (Mika Wang) to focus on realizing his dreams of peace on the Silk Road. But then, wrongfully accused of treason, Huo An and his men are sent as slave laborers to repair the city walls of Wild Geese Gate.

Positioned in the midst of a war zone between the Huns nomads and Han Chinese, Wild Geese Gate is a godforsaken trading post in the desert that is governed by the ramshackle leadership of Captain (Xiao Yang) and Rat (Wang Taili), his deputy. Here, Huo An encounters Lucius (John Cusack) and his legion of Roman soldiers after taking temporary command of Wild Geese Gate. When a sandstorm approaches, out of compassion, Huo An opens the gates to give shelter to the Romans. In return, the Romans offer their construction expertise, using foreign techniques, to help finish the repair of the city wall before an impossible deadline. Lucius and Huo An become trusted friends.

The Roman legion had headed east, towards China, because Lucius was trying to protect the life of Publius, the son of a Roman consul, whose life was threatened by his brother Tiberius (Adrien Brody). Power-hungry Tiberius had assassinated the consul and blinded his younger brother before the boy escaped with Lucius. Unknowingly, Lucius has fallen into Tiberius’ trap. And an even bigger conspiracy, involving the fate of China, is in play…