Don’t Go Breaking My Heart


Today was kinda lucky.. Got sabo by my friend and in the end I won myself a pair of “Don’t Go Breaking my Heart” (单身男女) movie from Clover Film Production. 单身男女 movie was a great HongKong film, main cast by 古天乐 and 吴彦祖 and luckiest actress 高圆圆.

Quote from my facebook status: “Today was kinda lucky… last minute got a pair of 单身男女 (Don’t go breaking my heart) movie screening at orchard cineleisure! 单身男女 movie was a great HongKong Film, like their storyboard flow as well as the music they chosen in this movie. I rate this movie 4/5 star. hahaha… After watching this 单身男女 movie, i feel like marry now! LOL!!!”

微薄 Update: 今天算是幸运地 无意中赢到一对[单身男女]戏票 也邀请了好友和我一起分享这部电影… [单身男女] 是一部很棒的香港电影 大家有空的话 就和朋友一起去享受这部爱情影片吧!哈哈


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