Domino’s Pizza is now Hiring!


Hello all people who finding a job! Domino’s Pizza is now hiring!!! Are you guys interested to be part of the career? Domino’s pizza is offering fun and attractive career opportunities for people who are interested to embark on an amazing and rewarding pizza career. The position offer includes ‘Delivery Experts’, ‘Pizza Chefs’ and Management.

Every time when you step into Domino’s Pizza, have you ever wondered one day to step into their kitchen to see how the pizzas were made?

In addition, Domino’s Pizza promises to give their employee the best benefits which include the 13th month salary bonus, medical benefits and employee insurance, thus also flexibility in arranging working hours and attendance.

To further motivate Domino’s staff, the company has also launched an incentive program called the ‘Rolex Challenge’. The rewards include a specially customized Domino’s stainless Rolex Watch which will be given to store manager who are able to complete 4 weeks of sales above the fixed appropriate targets as well as achieving outstanding performance through report.

Bloggers taking pizzas photo! 

As a pizza chef, you need to prepare and deliver the pizza order within 30 minutes to your customers. 

Visit their website to see more information now!

                                        Great Career Opportunities Await with Domino’s Pizza!