Dermadry Says Goodbye To Excessive Sweating!

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Constantly worried when you go to shake someone’s hand?
Limited options for your wardrobe and scared to lift up your arms?
Drenched in sweat even after a short stroll outside?

DermadryDon’t worry, you are not alone! Approximately 1 in 20 people suffer from the medical condition hyperhidrosis, or otherwise known as excessive sweating. It can impact your daily life and your mental well-being. However, did you know that there are treatment options available?

excessive sweating

Someone just like you suffered the inconveniences of hyperhidrosis and decided it was time to tackle it head on! The best part is that it can be treated from the comfort of your own home, AND it is affordable! It’s time to stop hiding from excessive sweating and start a healthy conversation to spread the good news!

Founded in Montreal, Canada, co-founders of Dermadry concluded that iontophoresis was the best treatment with the potential to explore further. With the support of the governments, experts from the fields of engineering and medicine, and Novo Electronics, Dermadry developed an iontophoresis machine that would bring an end to the hyperhidrosis problem.

So what is iontophoresis? It is a medical procedure which uses a mild electric current to push through medications through the skin. In the case of Dermadry, it uses a tap water iontophoresis that neutralises the connection between the sweat nerves and the sweat glands which reduces the excessive sweating. It has helped many users treat their condition with a high success rate of almost 95% and even in some cases up to 100%.

Dermadry home product

It has been considered “one of the simplest, safest, and most cost-effective treatments” and improved quality of life within two weeks as well as been compatible with the user’s lifestyle. Imagine while you are relaxing at home, watching tv or reading a book, and the machine operates at the same time, and after a few days, or weeks, you can confidently walk outside for that short stroll without the worry of being drenched in sweat on the way home! Imagine meeting your newest clients for the first time, and you want to leave the best impression, no more awkward handshakes, you can now confidently smile and give them a big handshake without worrying about leaving their hands covered in sweat!

Yes sweating is a very normal bodily process, but when it starts becoming an inconvenience, it’s time to stop it from affecting your daily life. It is all possible with Dermadry’s iontophoresis treatments. They offer 3 types of treatments, ‘Dermadry Total’, ‘Dermadry Hands & Feet’ and ‘Dermadry Underarms’ all at a very affordable price. Each box comes with the controller, the electrodes, towels, and/or pockets, and of course the manual. They treat from mild to severe types of excessive sweating. The products are 100% drug-free and dermatologist-recommended and has a Medical License from Health Canada.

To learn more, find the details on their website:

So why not try for yourself to see how effective it is? Goodbye excessive sweating! Hello summer days! Time to tackle it head on and spread the news!

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