Daily Skin Care Routine with Arena Power Hydro Mask

Arena Power Hydro Mask

Are you looking for a skincare product that can automatically rebuild your damaged skin cells? Introducing the Power Hydro Mask by Arena, an exclusive technology-4D smart detection mask that can auto-detect and repair your current damaged and dehydrated part of the skin. The mask itself releases and replenishes moisture to help your skin heal for up to 72 hours. Hence, this is an ideal product for people who have extremely dry and sensitive skin, allergies and sunburns because their key ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate and aloe vera naturally promote wound healing, maintain skin hydration and reduce redness.

Power Hydro Mask


I have dry skin and I have been using the Arena Power Hydro Mask in my daily skincare routine lately. It was an amazing experience to feel a relaxing and soothing sensation when I use it. Other than helping to repair, rebuild and renew my old skin cells, the Power Hydro Mask also helps to increase my skin’s elasticity and promotes blood circulation for a visible glow. To be honest, it will take some time (perhaps more than a month) to see the potential result of my skin, however, I still find that this is an essential product to keep my skin clean and hydrated.

Skin Care Routine

Here are the 3 easy steps to use the Arena Power Hydro Mask:
  • Step 1: Wash your skin with a cleanser
  • Step 2: Apply 20 to 25 pumps of Power Hydro Mask evenly on your skin.
  • Step 3: Leave the mask on for 30 minutes, then rinse off with clean water.

*Do note: avoid contact with eye. This is for external use only.

Arena Power Hydro Mask


Stay youthful at all times! The Arena Power Hydro Mask has won the Beauty Insider Award in 2021 for sensitive skin and it is a highly recommended skin care product suitable for all skin types. You may purchase the product on Coslab here: https://www.coslab.com.sg/shop/power-hydro-mask/