Cute Pink Rabbit


Bored is the keyword for this week

Hello people! welcome back once again…As time past, I’m back to school life…I can say my this week is kinda boring…not much interesting thing happen…But at the same time was back with load of project school work…

(Picture Took 2 days ago in the afternoon by canon camera)

Final Year project this time round play with 3D modeling animation and flash (i think is flash game)…Cracking my brain recently to think what to create for my 3D model animation…However, i came out an idea on creating a new version of Hello kitty…Still under research yet…haha…Next week monday need to hand up storyboard!! Omg…time short man!

As usual 3D animation include full production of video,script and sound…If you have follow my twitter, you guys will release i recently tweet about some chinese word and those chinese word are conversation script! haha…Not i with who who or what…Pls dont misunderstand can le…xD

Alright, putting my school stuff aside and talk about facebook…lols.. i know is kinda random but i still want to talk about…Few days ago…Too bored at home…Other than composing song at home, i also did play some facebook and find it so called ‘addictive’. Maybe the reason is just because i am too bored at home…*i guess* (But Help in my animation creation) *Smile*

I am so looking forward this weekend or can say, next week onward! Monday,Tuesday,Saturday all kena book for some mini gathering..hehe…Thanks for the invitation yo! ^^ I think my life will get more interesting starting from next week onward..haha…

Before i end my post…check out the music video below! Is by Show lo (羅志祥), song call [爱的主场秀]…This few day been watching this MV and learning the dance step! haha…The music of this song is pretty cool too! 很有爆发力! woohooo…xD

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your Reading and Viewing!
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  1. haha. i used to like doraemon, but since when was doraemon pink?

    Macs trying to be creative? Transforming a cat into a rabbit? lol

  2. I just went to check out on the toys just now & they're not as cute as I thought when I saw the real thing. They look cheap skate. Pffft. Not intending to buy them anymore, besides there's no PIG due to political correctness. Duh!