Critical Moment Releasing out from Darkness


Woohoo! I been MIA for the past one whole week from school and events…, anyone miss me? Haha… One week has passed and I had recovered from the Dengue fever illness! Yay! If you guys have followed my twitter, you guys will know that I tweeted very less last week.

However, I am back now and this week is going to be my busy school week due to the continuously of class test and coming up common test. *Hopefully holiday fast fast come!!*

As much as this critical weekday will be busy with my school stuff, trying to finish off project as soon as possible and also preparing for my next week Common test which fall on Monday. It’s just a week to enjoy my holiday and I can’t wait to travel to Malaysia for the Nuffnang Blog Award this year.

Yes!! I will be attending Nuffnang Blog Awards this year together with a group of friendly Nuffnanger as well as the Glitteratiplus bloggers! Woot! I still have no idea what to wear to the Blog Award Ceremony but I am going to figuring out soon.

I shall make good use of the three day two night opportunity on my Malaysia trip as in it also my school term break holiday too. I guess it going to be a good time to mingle with my fellow friends and share the exciting trip together.

I have been listening to Jay Chou new album song recently… Two songs came into my mind and giving me an idea that want to film them out into a music video – 療傷燒肉粽 and 世界未末日! I marked them as my favourite song of the month and through listening, you can vision a type of casual lifestyle which happened in our daily life.

Alright, I guess I shall stop here for today… More exciting post and review coming up in few days time, hopefully you guys will enjoy visiting and reading it. Hahaha… Have a good week everyone! *Smiles*