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Are you looking for fun and affordable props for wedding or birthday party decorations? Here is your chance to level-up your themed or home decoration with the most sustainable product on earth today. Introducing SONNENGLAS®, a high quality and durable solar LED lantern produced from South Africa. During the day it stores solar energy and releases soft and beautiful solar light at night. This product is unique and amazing because it produces light in a fun and sustainable way.

What is Solar energy?

Solar energy is generated from the sun and is commonly captured by photovoltaic solar panels or solar thermal collectors that convert sunlight into usable energy. It is a free, clean, and green energy resource that helps to reduce the earth’s carbon footprint. Likewise, solar energy is typically used to power up lights, gadgets, or even charge a battery and many more. In short, solar energy is more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels. It has also helped many homeowners to save up thousands of dollars every year by reducing their energy use and utility bills. Yes, I believed we should agree that living in Singapore, most of our household expenses came from utility bills? Well, the best way is to start converting your house electricity to solar energy.

Sonnenglas Solar Panel


First of all, the word “SONNENGLAS” stands for sustainable, ecological design. It was originally developed for people in areas without electricity. The Sonnenglas solar lantern comes in two different sizes – Classic and Mini, 1000ml and 250ml respectively. It contains 4 solar-powered LEDs, which are charged by solar cells in its lid. When placed in direct sunlight the batteries are charged and provide many hours of soft, yet bright lighting without glare. Alternatively, you can also do a fast charge using the Micro-USB cable. It will take approximately 4 hours for a completely full charge. Not to worry, the solar panel is easily attached and removed from the Sonnenglas lantern.

SONNENGLAS solar LED lantern

Long battery life

SONNENGLAS uses one of the highest power generation efficiency and the quality of solar panel and LED lights in the world. Once the Sonnenglas lantern is fully charged, it has the capability to last for more than 24 hours. I personally like its long battery-life because it can last throughout those big events such as weddings or birthday parties. Furthermore, it is also a handy product ideal for reading, table deco, garden deco, alfresco dining, camping, and other night-time outdoor activities.

Premium Sonnenglas Solar LED Lantern

Intelligent day/night automation

SONNENGLAS lantern has the ability to automatically turn off or on via detecting the illuminance. This means that even you keep the switch on for the whole day, it will automatically turn the switch off if it detects the surrounding has enough light. This helps the Sonnenglas solar LED lantern to maximize its potential in energy saving.

Waterproof and weatherproof

Yes, you’re right! The SONNENGLAS Solar Lantern is waterproof and weatherproof! SONNENGLAS must be screwed tightly shut so that no water can enter the glass container. SONNENGLAS is waterproof according to protection class IP67 (rain and short-term immersion). This applies to the solar module of a product that is correctly screwed shut.

SONNENGLAS lantern feature

Saving energy automatically

A drop of the battery’s capacity under 15 % will result in the LEDs automatically switch themselves off after a few seconds. This automatic process prevents the battery from getting fully discharged and thus prolongs its lifespan.

Sonnenglas Solar Lantern available on Amazon Singapore

Pricing and Availability

The Sonnenglas Solar Lantern is now available on Amazon Singapore selling at S$59.90 and S$52.90 for Classic (1000ml) and Mini (250ml) size respectively.

Start to brighten someone’s life with the sustainable Sonnenglas solar lantern today! This is a perfect gift for your loved ones because you can easily customise the inside look and feel of the lantern.

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