Cool Car Accessories To Customise Your Ride

car accessories

Singapore roads are about to get a high-tech upgrade, as self-driving cars and electric vehicles are slated to become popular in the coming years. Indeed, tech additions to vehicles are becoming the trend as newly-released cars in the country already come with the latest gadgets to improve your driving experience. But apart from having a LED screen, built-in GPS, and vehicle tracking software, there are other things that your car must have to make it comfortable, stylish, and better for your health and safety. To make your car stand out above the rest, consider having these cool car accessories to customise your ride.

Luxury tyre rims

Luxury tyre rims

Those who are looking to get a customisable car should be on the lookout for a classic design as it’s the easiest to modify. Moreover, prospective buyers should also choose a car with high dependability ratings based on actual owner experience to ensure that they’re getting a safe and trustworthy ride. Once the vehicle has been selected, you’re ready to soup up your car, starting with the tyres.

To upgrade the look of your vehicle in an instant, switch out the original rims for luxury tyre rims made in chrome or silver finishes. There are several workshops in Singapore that carry the latest tyre rim designs, and these shops can be found in Kaki Bukit Road, Tagore Road, and Sembawang Road. Pick a tyre rim colour and metal that will stand the test of time, and stay away from flashy shades and designs for a classy look.

A car air purifier

Forget the pine tree air freshener — these days, it’s all about having clean and pure indoor air, and that includes the air inside your vehicle. To get rid of pollutants and odour-causing particles in your car, consider installing a car air purifier in your ride. This type of device plugs into your cigarette lighter, but you can also get a rechargeable model so you can do away with the distracting wires and plugs. If you still want to have an air freshener to scent your car interior, find one that’s housed in a leather container, or get one from an upscale brand such as Diptyque or Clemt to enhance the luxurious vibe of your car.

A Bluetooth speakerphone

Using your phone while driving in Singapore is a no-no as it is illegal to hold any type of mobile device while driving in the country. However, having the option to take hands-free calls can be a good way to make your everyday drive a little safer. A Bluetooth speakerphone can make that possible, and all you have to do is to connect your phone to the device so you can easily and safely talk to your friends, family, and colleagues. As a bonus, it also allows you to listen to music that’s stored in your phone.

best car accessories

The best car accessories can help your vehicle stand out in a good way. Consider adding these accessories to your ride to make city driving safer and more enjoyable every single day.