CNY Day 7 – Visited Sentosa Flower


Happy Birthday To Everyone,
Visited Sentosa Flowers (春节花会) today!

Hello people! Today is 大年初七,也是人日节 (Ren Ri)…therefore wanna wish everyone a happy birthday! haha…Heard ‘Birthday’ this word, wad ur feel? turn old? haha…of cos old la…This year, i gonna turn 19 in…..6 mth and 10 days time! lols, still kinda long way to go, so dont countdown yet…i wan remain as 18! hahahah….bleah~

Alright, Today been having fun since afternoon 12pm. Met my cousin (QingYi) at harbourfont for lunch. We ate at burger king and after that went for shopping awhile before going into sentosa. Time around 1pm, we queue and brought pair of sentosa tickets! Reason for going sentosa today is because, the Sentosa Flower for today is the last day! So Must 拉紧时间亲自下去看看。The LRT entry to sentosa was very crowded and as soon as we reached the first station, IMBIAH station, gotten down from LRT and start taking out camera and take picture everywhere we moved! lols…

As Sentosa many people had say “So expensive and nothing to see actually” BUT this time Not liao, “Is expensive yet something to see!” LOL! But maybe after today, it become nothing to see again lor….lols hahahaha…

Took alot of picture on flower…and i manage to take down some photography on flower…haha, Some Flower got BEE, but i still move forward and took it! Time around 2.15pm, we decided to go have a Skyride. lols, First time sitting skyride and i am freaking scary ar…Sit on a chair, dunno stable anot plus without belt! fall down mean die! lols….However, i still completed my skyride and proceed on our next game called “Luge”. Was a Driving game and was fun as well! haha…drifted the car at the corner slope with my cousin and the car was freaking FAST LOR….lols

After playing some game in sentosa, we proceed on to our photo taking on Sentosa Flowers Part 2 at PALAWAN beach. So walk walk walk, Reached palawan beach…was full of people…Started taking Flower and CNY deco around the palawan beach area. Next We decided to go the tallest tower at ‘palawan island’. haha…While crossing the bridge, took some picture and when we reached the top of the tower, saw alot of nice view around sentosa area.

20min later, went to 7-11 shop for some drinks and food. Rested awhile and preview on some photo we took earlier on…lols, we leave sentosa at 4.45pm, from there back to vivo and from vivo mrt back to home…Afterall, enjoyed so much fun at Sentosa, Took 100 plus of picture…lols…*Tired* 好累啊!

Anyway, same thing again, Picture not ready yet but will be ready by next post! haha…So Stay Tune for my next post which will be contain alot alot of picture! *i guess* lols… Since today is RenRi (人日)Other than wishing you people a happy birthday i also hope that u had enjoyed ur day and lastly! Thank for ur reading and viewing! xD

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Thank You Very Much!