Clever Ways To Automate Your Home For You And Your Dog

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You And Your Dog

The number of smart devices that can be used to automate homes is expected to rise to 30 billion by 2020 in Singapore according to an article on the Singapore Business Review. These devices are growing in popularity because of the many benefits they offer homeowners and their pets. If you are thinking of automating your home, choose devices that provide comfort, security and convenience for both your dog and you. Focusing specifically on smart devices meant for dogs for your home automation project may be expensive.

Humidity detectors and thermostats

High humidity in your home can make you uncomfortable, but your dog can suffer even more because high humidity makes it hard for dogs to cool down. The humidity in your home can be due to the climatic conditions outside your house or caused by indoor activities such as cooking and showering. There are a number of smart humidity detectors in the market that can also read the temperature.

These devices can connect to your Wifi, which allows them to send text alerts to your phone when the humidity level is too high. Other humidity detectors respond to high humidity by automatically adjusting your smart thermostat to cool your home. Smart thermostats such as the Nest Learning Thermostat and the ecobee3 lite have sensors that can detect when you and your pet are in a room, and adjust the temperature according to your preferences. They can also turn themselves off when you are not at home.

Cameras for home and pet monitoring

Another gadget that can benefit you and your pet is the smart security camera. Smart cameras help you monitor your home and your pet when you are away. With these cameras, you can check on your pet to make sure it is okay or stop burglary from happening. Since smart cameras can connect to your Wifi, you can watch on your phone and see what is going on at home. You can get smart cameras like Nest Indoor cam or Netgear Arlo pro on Amazon.

Dog collar camera also builds for the same purpose to monitor your gods’ movement 24/7. Here is an article on the best dog collar camera, you may love to read at Exqeo.

Xiaomi smart indoor cameras are a great alternative if you want affordable options. Some of the best Xiaomi indoor cameras include Mi Home 360o camera, Mi Home Chuangmi Smart IP camera and more. These cameras will help you keep an eye on your pet at all times and keep your home secure.

Automated energy-saving light bulbs

Another great way to keep your home secure is by installing smart lights. If you normally come back from work only to find your dog waiting for you in the dark, smart lights can help you change that. These lights can be controlled remotely using your phone. Apart from that, they help you save money by lowering energy bills. Imagine being able to dim lights in a room and being able to program lights in your home to automatically turn off when you go to sleep. The main reason why these lights help you save energy is that the smart lighting systems consist of LED bulbs. These bulbs use about 80 percent less electricity and last longer than traditional bulbs.

These smart devices save you time, make your home comfortable and make it easier for you to take care of your dog. Unfortunately, some people are intimidated by tech in general and may think that automating their homes would be too technical for them. However, most of these home automation gadgets are easy to install and use. Just create a comprehensive automation plan that prioritizes gadgets that you know you will use everyday.