Circle Line Joke


Singapore Circle Line Joke

*Singapore Style Joke* Singlish Version
Created By: Me and Terrence
Produce By: Hpility

Today I on board the circle line train with my friend, Terrence Ang, We passed by lots of interesting places, we saw Tarzan (but not the one in little nyonya), sit Boat and Eat Bak Kut Teh. After all these adventure, we just realize its all our imagination.

First of all, our circle line start from Bishan and head down to Lorong Chuan (咯荣船)…Me: ‘wow, this place sound so like china places’ lols…at here can see ship (咯荣船) sia…

Next, as train goes down, it past by Bartley (it pronounce bak teh , 肉茶 (pronounce in hokkien) )… Terrence: ‘Oh..we can go bak teh (Bartley) and find the best bak kut Teh (肉骨茶)’…lols…

Lastly, Train comes to Tai Seng station….It pronounces as Tai Sing (泰山) aka Tarzan…This the most noisy station because we saw alots of Tarzan shout here shout there..Other than tarzen i also saw another one…you know what? Tarzen best friend, Lion King….We also ate the freshness banana pluck from banana tree…

Overall, it was a very FUN day…Likewise if you guys like to Experience it, please go tour around the circle line. Is only available in Singapore North South East Side! Actually, you all have just wasted 2 minutes in reading this blog post…hahaha…Thanks You 🙂