Christmas Trees on Sale in Singapore: 5 Tips When Buying Your Christmas Tree

Christmas tree for sale

Xmas tree at home

The holidays call for a moment of rest and repose so you can relax with friends and family. After the ease on borders restrictions, if you have a lot of plans to celebrate it better than last year in the pandemic, things can easily go awry during the festive season. To put all your worries away, settle these considerations for the Christmas celebration, starting with shopping for a Christmas tree sale in Singapore! When it comes to the sale of real-deal Christmas trees in Singapore, people buying tend to focus on decorations and maintenance and forget to consider safety, timing, and location.


Now, the natural inclination of fir and pine is to react strongly to heat and open flame. Take care to prevent the tree from igniting when leaving ornamental lights around it! You must keep in mind the sudden combustion from overheated devices, loose wires, or even damaged cables.

Very limited offer you can see that services include coating the tree with Fire-Retardant. The protective coating is transparent, odourless, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and eco-friendly. Other preventive measures are as easy as monitoring for dryness and keeping its contact with heat limited. Regardless if you opt for the Fire-Retardant Treatment, it is always best to follow safe practices. – There are companies in Singapore that offer an option for treatment to their Premium Noble Firs with a Fire-Retardant coating that protects your valuable property and loved ones from accidental combustion by creating a protective barrier when subjected to fire, sparks or embers from short circuit incidents or heat from any lighting ornament over prolonged periods of time.

The protective coating used is transparent, odourless, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and environmentally friendly. Regardless if you choose to opt for our Fire-Retardant Treatment, it is always best to follow safe practices to prevent any unfortunate happenings over the festive period. Safety is always first priority.

Christmas trees decoration


Putting up decorations lets you express your unique style! Retailer John Lewis for example lists this year’s trends for decorating your home for the holidays. Match the ornaments with the patterns and colours in your living space, or choose an avant-garde approach and personalize the decorations according to your tastes.

For lighting, you can pick either clear lights or multicolour. These incandescent little bulbs will light up the tree like a long vine of constellations. If you’re pressed for time, ask the farm if their services provide premium Christmas decorations right as you make your order! There is no harm in letting other people do the work. Most sellers have good offers when the season is approaching, so check out ongoing deals before making a purchase. Christmas is a season of love, peace, joy, warmth, and laughter.

Tree Care and Maintenance

With the right care, a fresh Christmas tree can last well through the month. Here are some tips:
· After getting the tree home, make a straight cut at its base. Not a hole, or a V-shape, but a straight cut. This opens a vascular system for water intake, making it easier for absorption. Before placing it in a stand, plant it in a bucket of water for several hours.
· Water the tree every day. One trick is to use cold water to prolong the shelf life of the of the tree to some extent, adding ice to the water will provide the same effect. Place ice cubes in the tree stand, to slow water release when leaving it unattended for an extended period.
· Christmas trees pollenate, so shake it whenever you can. This removes the bugs and insects in the leaves and branches. Other perpetrators of the sneezing are mold, so carefully remove of them from the tree. We can’t let the family get sniffly noses during the season!
· Remember the fire hazards we mentioned earlier? Another concern is the tree’s needles can be sensitive to high temperatures, making them less pliable, so limit its contact with heat. It won’t be a very white Christmas if the tree you bought on sale starts turning brown!
· Dispose of the tree properly. Dry needles will start falling off, so you would want to dispose of it before it gets to this point. Check on regular intervals if it starts showing signs of dryness, such as brittle branches, discoloured needles, and stale odour.

Timing is everything

In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, people may be taking their shopping online. More retailers and shops in Singapore will likely have better Christmas sales and discounts for trees this way, especially for first-time buyers. Ideally, you can get free delivery and set-up so things go smoothly.

In the best conditions, the Christmas tree should last three to five weeks with proper maintenance. If you prefer a greater selection and choose your desirable size, you can make your purchase now before the stocks run out. It is a good idea to take full advantage of our free delivery service while the supply is still readily available.

Is the break really as rewarding as it sounds like? The answer is, yes. Not only do you have a beautiful tree, you have a proud accomplishment to boot. Kudos to you for your hard work! Now, you can fully celebrate the good cheer.