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Many people are not aware that you can actually purchase Christmas trees in Singapore online and it’s a lot more convenient these days to have it delivered to your home or office instead of having to lug around the big and heavy tree. Like much of our shopping is done online, Christmas Tree shopping has also been added to the list. It saves on time and effort and makes it a lot more convenient with Christmas coming around.

Over the years, artificial Christmas trees have become increasingly popular, not only because of their affordability but also because it means that you can store the tree away for the festive season for the following years to come. Our go-to for this year’s Christmas shopping is Pine Concept. With their relatively affordable pricing and excellent quality of artificial Christmas trees, they’ve managed to win the hearts of many Singaporeans and are quickly on the rise to becoming one of Singapore’s best online shops to get all your Christmas needs. They believe that every household should definitely have a Christmas tree for the season as it brings a lot to your home and makes it look a lot more welcoming.

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Durable Material

Like most artificial Christmas trees, Pine Concept’s adopts the choice of using PVC for the material of their trees. To produce realistic tree needles, colored sheets of compressed PVC are used by cutting the material into long flat rectangular shapes before being twisted to serve as tree branches between two strings of wire. Using PVC material brings lots of benefits to your artificial trees. It’s a durable material that can be recycled, all while ensuring that your tree lasts for as long as possible. Pine Concept’s trees are engineered to last a lifetime so that you don’t have to worry about the constant wear and tear of it. You can reuse it for the next few Christmases to come and this in itself saves you a lot on the cost. It’s a better investment as compared to having to repurchase a new Christmas tree after each year.

Variety of Christmas Trees Available

Pine Concept spoils you with a huge variety of Christmas trees you can choose from according to your own liking and style. At Pine Concept they offer a variety of artificial Christmas Trees you can choose from. Starting from the favorites such as classic Douglas Fir, Grand Fir, Premium Cashmere Pine, and many more. Divided by the different types of trees that are being shown on the website, customers also can choose their Christmas trees based on their own home style, space, and even ambiance. One of such examples would be the FirPact – Pencil Frasier Fir Premium Artificial Christmas Tree. This Christmas Tree is one of the slimmest designs which will ensure that you can still have a Christmas tree without worrying about space. Another example would be the Firy – Premium White Pine Premium Artificial Christmas Tree. This Christmas tree will definitely fulfill all of your Christmas wonderland dreams. Made with an artificial white pine, this tree will help boost a cheerful ambiance that will bring smiles across the whole room. The Christmas tree that you choose will decide on what kind of ambiance you and your guest will feel. So be sure to choose the right ones.

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Convenient Set-Up Concept

Pine Concept’s trees are super easy to set up and dismantle as and when you need it to. Their self-collapsing branches allow their trees to be very conveniently handled. All you have to do is flip it upside down from the packaging and the branches will self-collapse on their own. Unlike the more inconvenient set up of having to individually spread apart the branches, this way of self-collapsing makes it a lot easier on your end. We love how all we have to do is flip it and we can carry on with the decorations to our liking. Personally, we feel this is the way to go for all our artificial Christmas tree purchases and we specifically look out for this method of setting up because it just makes it a lot easier. With this concept, we don’t have to worry about the hassle and just move on to the fun stuff: The decorating!

Affordable Pricing

As we’re well aware, Christmas trees may not be the cheapest things to purchase. You could easily spend a lot on just the Christmas tree alone. Pine Concept understands this and does their best to provide affordable pricing on their Christmas trees so that people don’t have to burn a hole in their wallet. They’ve even dedicated a cheap Christmas tree option on their website known as the “Wallet-Friendly trees.”

Douglas Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

The EcoFir – Douglas Fir Artificial Christmas Tree. The most inexpensive and economical Christmas Tree for any house. Its simple but slim design makes it easier for homes with minimal space. Their prices range from $43.90 to $62.90 which is an absolute steal. If you’re looking for an affordable and good quality Christmas tree, you can head to their website to check out and learn more about this wallet-friendly tree.

Christmas Decorations at Pine Concept

Available Christmas Decorations

Not only does Pine Concept offer many options of Christmas trees, they also provide a variety of Christmas decorations and Christmas ornaments you can accessorize your tree with. Besides Christmas trees, they also provide a variety of Christmas add-ons such as Christmas tree ornaments and Christmas decorations that you can decorate the trees with. These include Christmas baubles, tree toppers, and tree sprays which is sure to astonish all your guests. The joy of Christmas is in decorating the tree and Pine Concept ensures that all your Christmas needs are met with their available Christmas decoration options on their websites.

Customer Service

Pine Concept can be easily reached via their Live Chat support available on the site itself. If you have any questions or queries you’d like clarified, just head to their website and the live chat will respond almost immediately. Pine Concept’s customer service is extremely commendable because of their speedy replies and they make sure they cater your needs to the best of their ability. Based on our personal experience and customer feedback on their website, they’re a well-established and trusted brand so customers can feel assured that they’re investing in a good product. They even provide a 10-year Warranty where you can get your tree replaced for any damages should it occur.

Delivery Services and Payment Methods

Convenient, convenient, convenient. Pine Concept’s really tackled the issue of convenience with the products and services they offer. Their hassle-free delivery service ensures that the trees you purchase are well-packaged for the trip home. They offer 3 different delivery timings so you can choose the one that is best suited for you. Spend above $100 and enjoy free delivery on their website. They accept all credit cards, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal and even Paynow.

Location: 85 Genting lane, #03-01B, Singapore 349569
Operating hours: 10am – 6pm (Daily) | 24 hours for online purchase


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