Chinese New Year in year 2010


My Chinese New Year in year 2010

Hello people! Happy Chinese new year…spending sometime here to blog out my CNY happening this year. Last week, which also CNY week…was enjoying visiting relative houses for Bai Nian and got many angpao too…wee…haha….

13/02 (CNY eve), went down to my grandma house to have steamboat dinner.. You have follow my twitter, you guys will realize below here some picture i had twitpic before! haha…was a nice gathering with family and having dinner on the same table. Chat with my cousins, uncles and aunties quite alots too! haha overall was great! ^^

The next day, 14/02 (CNY), woke up early, heading to relative house with my parents. Grandma house was the main/first visit followed by the others. As this year CNY also valentine day, many of my family member including me, was wearing pink as the theme! hahaha…look cool! *smile*

Tiger Year, Actually not much happening this year, just a normal visiting…Perhaps i am more worried on my final year project which need to hand up next week! lols…Currently project had come to finalization stage…Once project submit, i am free! ^^

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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