Chinese New Year goodies Cheap or Expensive?


Chinese New Year is coming in just 2 days time! I guess by now you have shop for your CNY goodies! Last week, i was crowded with thousand of people, guess where i went with friend? haha Yess! Is Chinatown, the place where it sell the most of CNY goodies and CNY deco..

I like to take photo everywhere i go, especially places with crowded of people! Random shot might turn out nice effect for audience eyes.

Its just a random plan with my friend went to Chinatown, looking forward some CNY goodies as well as taking some picture along their street.. We walked from afternoon till evening, however we still didn’t manage to complete to walk the whole Chinatown area.. haha..

This 果冻 was the hot sale at Chinatown

Very Hardworking

Chinese New Year decoration stuff were everywhere and i notice that many tourists like to photograph this kind of decoration item. It’s a traditional stuff that most of the Chinese will buy for their CNY celebration.

At last, i call it a nice outing to Chinatown. Nothing much happening yet it was fun. No matter day or night time, there always people buying things but somehow i wonder is this year those Chinese New Year goodies consider Cheap or Expensive? haha random question 😀