China VPN Update: Companies Can Only Use Government Provided VPNs

China VPN

The Chinese government is continuously trying to centralize the domestic and international digital communication.

China VPN Update

For example, China Telecom is officially blocking traffic from commercial users starting on January 11. In addition. the deadline of February 1st, when carriers should block individuals’ access to VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), is almost here.

The multinational corporations have to use VPNs and other communication lines provided by 3 main telecom companies (China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom) within China.

The same requirement applies to cross-border business communication. However, third-party providers can provide help with service outsourcing, such as system integration, hosting web services on behalf of the clients to keep access to fast internet speed. Still, those third-party groups must not lease or sell VPN to any businesses or private users.

VPN in China

When it comes to VPNs cloud services, no entity or individual may set up or lease a VPN or other channels to carry out cross-business activities. The domestic providers holding licenses can only provide services within the license limits. Cloud operators should establish a cloud platform within the territory of China. The cross-border connection links have to be pre-approved by the government. They cannot use private line and VPNs for international networking.

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