Cherry Blossoms Bliss at Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome


Hanami (花見)! Japanese spring returns at the Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome this year with a pool of charming and magnificent Cherry Blossom flowers spread out around the conservatory from 3 March to 24 March 2017, 9am to 9pm daily.


During the Blossom Bliss period, visitors will be able to enjoy the Hanami and capture the Japanese-inspired landscape together with the beautiful pink and white hues of Sakura flowers along the picturesque tree-lined pathway. Well, it is definitely perfect for photo opportunity!

3 Stages of Cherry Blossom Blooms:
Developing Buds (As the buds swell and approach their full size, florets appear and begin to grow longer.)
Surfacing Florets (The florets begin to acquire colour – combinations of deep and bright pink – and the flower stalk lengthens.)
Full Bloom (The florets throw open their petals fully. At this point, they are known as blossoms.)

What’s more? If you are daring enough, you might want to bring along your traditional Japanese Kimono/Yukata (if you have) for portrait photography shoot. Alternative, visitors are encouraged to bring a Jacket when visiting the Blossom Bliss, because it is going to be a chilling outing for you. It’s time for Hanami! Hope you have a fanciful day with your family and friends at the Gardens by the Bay in March!

Created with flickr slideshow.
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