Charlie St. Cloud Movie


Nuffnang Charlie St. Cloud Movie Contest:
Question: Who would you like Charlie St. Cloud (Zac Efron) to choose – his brother or the girl he likes? And why?

I would like Charlie St. Cloud to choose the girl he like. Reason is because, he cannot always stick with his brother, although he like his brother pretty much and having a promise with his brother but one day, Charlie St. Cloud still need to have his own family. By choosing the girl he like is the best way to continue his next step in life. As LIVE. if he really LOVE his brother, he should LET GO and choose the girl he like.

Catch Zac Efron in his new romantic movie Charlie St. Cloud,
Opening in cinemas September 30!


  1. Zac Efron does a great acting job as
    Charlie St. Cloud
    , a boy who has just received a sailing scholarship from Stamford. His future is all but sewn up until he and his brother Sam (played wonderfully by Charlie Tahan)get into a car accident. Sam and Charlie both die, but a caring paramedic by the name of Florio Ferrente (another great performance by Ray Liotta) performs a miracle and is able to bring Charlie back.