Buyandship allows you to take control how you Buy and Ship your purchases

Buyandship shipping service

Have you faced a lot of hassle making purchases through global online stores? Well, shopping online can be as easy and efficient if you are using the correct delivery service!

Buyandship shipping services

I am delighted to introduce you to Buyandship; a forwarding company with warehouses in US, UK, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. This is simply amazing because it allows me to shop from any stores in these countries and save on international shipping fee. We get to take advantage of the free domestic available there! In today’s article, I will be sharing about my experience using the Buyandship service and the benefits it offers.

How does it work?

Step 1: You need to register as a Buyandship member before shopping.
Step 2: You need to obtain their overseas address! (See the screenshots below)

Buyandship offers a wide range of Oversea Warehouse Addresses in US, UK, China, Hong Kong and more. For example if I am shopping on Amazon (US), I will need to fill in my delivery address with the Buyandship warehouse address in my Amazon account.

buyandship warehouse address

Step 3: Start Shopping!

Yes! You can start shopping after you have set the delivery address. Browse and choose the items that you like to purchase and check out as per normal. Make sure you choose the Buyandship warehouse address as your shipping option. Review and Place your order!

buyandship shipping services

buyandship service

Quick Tips
Buyandship Plugin on Google Chrome

When we are shopping online, we tend to compare the prices of the same item on other shopping sites. Not to worry, you can now shop smart and save more money with Buyandship Plugin available on Google Chrome browser. This extension allows you to compare the prices of the same item without navigating to other sites. Here is an example of me searching for luggage on Amazon.

Buyandship Plugin on Google Chrome

Step 4: You need to Declare your Package

After you have placed your order, the next step will be Parcel Management. All you have to do is to declare your package on Buyandship website. How does it work? Visit Buyandship Shipments and click on ‘Add a new Shipment’. This section allows you to keep track of your bulk shipment purchases from multiple global online stores.

Buyandship Parcel Management

buyandship shipment

Step 5: Payment & Delivery

The delivery fee is based on the actual weight of each parcel. You will get to decide what is to be put in one or multiple shipments to ship over. In terms of consolidation, Buyandship will consolidate your chosen multiple packages into one parcel. Check out the pricing here.

What’s more?

Buyandship provides you the latest sale offers to enable you to have the best shopping experience. Likewise, for people who frequently making overseas purchase, you can receive extra credits if you were to pre-buy credits. For more enquiry, you can also refer to the friendly customer service (located at the bottom right chat box on their webpage).

My Verdict:

Overall, I am satisfied with the service as it has given me a better online shopping experience. Buyandship was helpful in consolidating multiple items into one parcel and delivered it to my doorstep by an expected date. The delivery fee is affordable and there is no hidden cost involved during the transaction process. Likewise, with the trustable Buyandship warehouses available in various countries, I can save up on the international fee as well as the agent fee. This is definitely a recommended shipping service especially when you are searching for products on international shopping sites. It’s time to buy and ship your products!