Boost & Slide: Singapore’s Longest Street Water Slide at Biopolis Way


Singapore has set a new record today for the “longest street water slide” at Boost & Slide, a family-friendly pop-up event organised by Bayer in conjunction with the launch of Redoxon Triple Action. The inflatable water slide is measure at the length of 108 metres and the event has attracted over 3,000 people to participate in this fun-wet experience.

The event is held at 10 Biopolis Way on 2nd April 2017 from 9am to 6pm. Participants who would like to experience a slide of their lives at the event are required to pre-register themselves at the website.

Early this morning, Ludovic Rassat (Country Division Head Singapore & South Asia Bayer Consumer Health) and his family kick off the launch of the ‘Boost & Slide’ – Singapore longest street water slide.

Triple the fun for the on-site visitors! You can also enjoy the nutrition-inspired activities and interactive game booths to educate you or your kids on self-care. There will also be a healthy food trail around Biopolis and a Redoxon bar where you can sample creative concoctions of the Vitamin C drink.

Redoxon Triple Action
The new Redoxon Triple Action brings together the benefits of vitamin C, D plus zinc, which play a significant role in supporting one’s immune system. Redoxon Triple Action was developed to provide 3 times the support for the immune defence to help defend out bodies against all challenges. As vitamin C, D and zinc are among the essential nutrients required to ensure a healthy immune function, this tailored product with high strength of vitamin C, D and zinc has been designed to support the immune system from both internal and external threats.

Redoxon Triple Action comes in 3 versions, Redoxon Triple Action Effervescent tablets, Redoxon Triple Action Film-Coated Tablets and Redoxon Triple Action Gummies for adults and children, respectively. They are available at all major pharmacies and supermarkets in Singapore.