Blog it to win something


Everything still the same,
Blog it to win something.

Before i start blogging about today, Just wanna say that, I will blog every Monday to Saturday only…Sunday will be my OFF- day from blogging. Reason because: Resting. Unless my sunday are very interesting! LOL.

Result had out and everything still the same. As usual life continue as day pass by and will be looking forward to chinese new year time in 2 week time! Well, in blogging, i not blog only my personal life but also blog about review on things such as, Foods & Drinks,Movie & Drama,Places as well as Software Program. And this year 2009, i wanna try make a review on Campus Superstar 3 (CSS3). lols, didnt write before, therefore the post will not send to mediacorp, maybe next week will ba..haha…Anyway, i am still waiting for darshini cousin for the mediacorp acting news ^^ xD

校园SuperStar! 大家一起上课咯!Yes! i received this picture since last week from my email…is from mediacorp adv. Blog About CSS and you will win something! haha…Maybe gonna try blog it for next week^^ hehe…WHERE GOOD FOOD ON MY BLOG? LOL…so sry peeps…recently didnt eat much GOOD food, therefore cant proceed out with my part 7 review on food. But nvm, this week! i try go find some nice food in singapore and i hope can post up my GOOD FOOD ON MY BLOG (part 7) before CNY day!

Talks about Chinese New Year in 2 week time. This weekend, might be going out with my parent to buy CNY stuff as well as food. Cant wait for tat day to come! lols…My New CNY 2009 blog header will be up this friday (16/01)! The flash thingy very toublesome…waste alot of time there…haiz…now left with navigator to go! yay! haha… soon later will write the backstage of making this header! xD

Alright, end of my wordy post for today!
TakeCare peeps!