Blessing with Food



I Miss my blog…
Hello people! Welcome back and I’m back to make a post once again…5 days never blog, suddenly miss my blog very much! hahaha…If you have read my previous blog post or followed my twitter…you guys will know what i busying for within these few days…
Recently school project is cracking my brain and killing my time!!! The Final theme i gonna do in my project will be something on social media…which is related to me as a blogger…haha…I hope overall it goes smoothly…haha please please….
Photoshop is amazing as you can create many kind of design and make your photo look more interesting/creative…But in my phone, i can clone myself into 4! hahaha..such a fun application i found a week ago and yet to play with it since yesterday..xD
A part from my busy project week, these few days also been enjoying eating foods around places in singapore…haha 能吃是福…你有听说过吗? 最近很累所以也吃多了一些些…Below here are some food taken few days back…Canon camera best! 😛

It been super long time never sing/listen 花香 this song written by 周传雄…Miss this my fav. song quite alots, therefore for today ending blog post song…will be sharing this 花香 to everyone visiting here… 🙂 花香描写着薰衣草抱着紫色的梦在阳光下永远是那么坚强… …

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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