Best SEO Guide for Crypto Companies

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The unprecedented spread of COVID-19 redefined how SEO works, and it is only growing to become more and more important for everyone. The fierce competition is increasing greatly as businesses are expected to keep up with every trend and consumer behavior change.

Another thing that accelerated was the rise of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As the market is becoming more competitive and oversaturated, so is the need to stand out and drive consumers towards your company.

We understand how difficult it is for crypto companies to increase their exposure. This is why we have covered the best SEO strategies in our guide to help crypto companies rank higher and drive more traffic.


Why Should Crypto Companies Focus on SEO?

Before getting into the SEO tactics, it’s crucial to understand why it matters. In today’s digitalized world, SEO acts as an imperative tool to increase visibility, drive traffic, and improve sales and client growth. While these benefits are given for non-crypto-related companies, they are more significant for crypto companies with the currently oversaturated market.

Making your crypto company appear unique has become more challenging than ever, and don’t forget the speculations regarding blockchain and crypto as a whole. In addition, the fiercely competitive environment also makes it difficult for newer entrants to stand out.

However, with the implementation of solid SEO strategies, crypto companies have the opportunity to rise above the competition, get quality traffic and ultimately achieve more revenue.

Best Tactics to Implement into Your SEO Strategy

Now that we know the importance of SEO, it’s time to dive into some powerful SEO strategies to get your crypto project to the top.

Key to SEO is Keyword Research

Forgive us for the cringy title, but it just gets the message across. The key to crafting an effective SEO strategy is doing your keyword research right. Not only is this strategy the most important one but the most challenging one as well.

Researching relevant keywords is a foundational step to creating a successful SEO strategy for your crypto project and even the biggest blockchain pr companies use this strategy heavily. . You will have to analyze competition, difficulty, and search volume for your keywords.

Also, you will need to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of trends and consumer behavior and understand which strategic keywords help your website achieve more organic traffic and better rankings.

Build Your Link Building

Have you ever read something online and clicked on a backline that led you to find more related information? We all have.

This is exactly what backlines or link building is all about. It may be an old strategy, but it is very effective to gain more authority, visibility, and credibility for your crypto website. Basically, links are a great ranking signal for Google and are an indicator of a website’s quality.

While internal backlines such as linking to other content on your website help users navigate your website. External links are linking to other websites and domains to help provide valuable information to readers.

In all, building your link building will pave the way to driving more traffic and boost your website’s authority.

Optimize your Content Optimization

We all get annoyed when the information we are looking for is not on the website we clicked on. The user assumes the website to be misleading or clickbait, which negatively affects the user experience.

Giving users what they are looking for in the content by making it original, informative, in-depth, and engaging. This also means that the content should consist of visuals, images, videos, and infographics to present it in a meaningful way.

Whether or not your content proves useful to users will determine how you rank—the more optimized your content, the greater traffic, and visibility.

Some of the ways that you can optimize your content are:

  • Using target keywords naturally
  • Accurate grammar and spelling
  • Optimizing title tags/headlines and meta description
  • Analyze your progress with analytics

How can we improve if we don’t know if our existing efforts are working or not? Now, this isn’t philosophy but rather our next point, which is analyzing your progress through analytics. (Apologies for the cringy headline once again).

With the help of tools, including Google Analytics, you are presented with data about your website and customers. Using the right analytics, you will receive constructive information such as:

Which mediums and channels are helping you reach your target audience
What type of content is getting the most traffic
Which channel or content is achieving the most engagement and attention

Knowledge of this data will help your crypto company steer in the right direction and work towards what needs to be upgraded and what to let go. Your company would be able to make effective decisions based on the response of the analytics.


Present your project through your online presence

We present to you an impressive off-site SEO strategy that will help you capture benefits such as reaching a bigger audience, acting as a free advertisement, building trust, increasing brand awareness, and much more!

That is building an online/social media presence. Social media is known for being a highly effective digital marketing tool, but it has a direct and significant impact on SEO too.

Having a strong online presence will make it easier for your crypto company to be found faster by Google, improve your rankings in your domain, and increases credibility.

Even if you have a spectacular website design and user experience but can’t have your website found by prospective clients, it will be of no use. Hence, building an online presence will make your company’s reputation free of cost and garner the attention of customers.


Utilizing effective SEO strategies, including researching keywords, backlinking, content optimization, analytics, and building an online presence, are all ways to ensure your crypto company is known to your target audience.

What we covered today are only some basic yet highly powerful SEO strategies as becoming unique have turned out to be quite a complex procedure. Ensure that you stay up-to-date with the shifts in trends to best execute your own SEO strategy. Until next time!