ATLAS presents you an executive lunch inspired by Lyon

ATLAS lunch menu

lunch inspired by Lyon

ATLAS launched their new executive lunch menu which has been inspired by the French city of Lyon. The Lyonnaise cuisine is a national phenomenon within France and favoured by the French elite. In honour of this gastronomic city, Executive Chef Daniele Sperindo has interpreted its classic dishes ranging from traditional home cuisine to popular dishes created by famous chefs.

ATLAS lunch

Highlights from January’s menu include the starters, main and dessert dishes:

Starters: Honeycomb veal tripe, pork andouillette and double boiled white onions stew.
Main:  Red mullet with ratte potatoes scales ‘A la Bocuse’.
Dessert: ‘Bugnes’ fried crispy biscuit, topped with chestnut ganache Mont Blanc style.

The ATLAS Executive Lunch offers a choice between 2 or 3 courses at the prices range from $38 to $48. The new executive lunch menu is available from 12pm to 3pm on Monday to Friday.

ATLAS Location Address:

Parkview Square, 600 North Bridge Road,
Singapore 188778

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday from 10am to 1am
Friday from 10am to 2am
Saturday from 3pm to 2am
Closed on Sunday