Are You the New Taipei City Traveller


Hello Readers! If you have read my previous article regarding the launch of EVA Air and New Taipei City collaboration, I guess by now you should probably be taking part their online instagram contest. So, are you the New Taipei City Traveller? Hahaha to me… YES I AM!

Yup! Today in this blog post, I am going to share my 4 reason “Why I am the New Taipei City Traveller?” and what I will do IF I am the New Taipei City Traveller!

1. Virgin Trip with EVA Air
If there is an opportunity, this is going to be my first Taiwan holiday travelling with EVA Air! Ranked as the world top 10 safest airlines, I guess is a must try to take EVA Air Plane to my favourite destination. Especially the Hello Kitty Eva Air, one of the airplane which caught my attention instantly.

Photo credit: English.Gov.Taipei

2. I never been to TAIWAN before!
YES! Honestly speaking I have never been to Taiwan before but I marked it as one of my favourite country among the Asia! Reason because, since young I love watching Taiwanese drama and listening to Mandarin pop song from Taiwanese Singer. And I always admired those beautiful music video and short film shot in Taiwan. I wish that one day I could step into Taiwan and enjoy live Taiwan scenery with my own eyes.

Photo Credit: English.Gov.Taipei

3. Feel The Landscape, Explore The Culture, Taste The Food.
I want to make my first Taiwan visit to New Taipei City, to feel the nature landscape environment, exploring their living culture and taste the authentic Taiwanese foods. I believe this trip is going to be an eye-opening experience to me. For more, I also wish to share my New Taipei City travelling moment to all my readers in this blog!

My #ILoveNewTaipeiCity | #我爱新北市 Instagram Video Contest!

4. Create a Short Film in New Taipei City
Yup! I am a film maker and producer! With my passion, I wish to create beautiful and memorable short film through my New Taipei City journey and share these memories to my family and friends. As there’s always this saying: ‘We must always bring back good things along our journey!’

So… …! 
Pick me! pick me! ^^