Archipelago Limited Edition British India Pale Ale Launches At Beerfest 2013


For the Beerfest Asia on 13 June 2013, you can look forward to Archipelago Brewery’s limited edition British India Pale Ale (IPA).  Archipelago Brewery’s Brewmaster, Robert Beck, went back to basic when brewing this limited edition IPA in Singapore, uses the finest ingredients from England, Australia, New Zealand and America and adds a touch of Asia by adding brown palm sugar, Gula Melaka.

Archipelago Limited Edition British IPA is designed as highly drinkable version to all palette.  The
full-bodied IPA tastes slightly bitter with a zest of fruity note from the mixture of citrus flavours and aromas of grapefruit, orange, lime, peaches, sherbet and lychees with orange.

If you prefer to consume beer in the comfort at your home, the Archiepelago Beer Growlers is definitely worth your consideration.  Each Archiepelago Beer Growlers hold around 1.89 litres of beer and will retail at SGD$35 for first purchase with your choice of beer and SGD$25 for refill.  It will make its debut at Beerfest Asia 2013 (13 Jun – 16 Jun). The beer can last 3 -5 days if unopened, and can be kept up to 36 hours when opened.


Archipelago British IPA Limited Edition will also be available at all Archipelago concept outlets starting from 14th June, 2013. For the full list of Archipelago concept outlets, visit or

Photo Credit: Archipelago Brewery