Another HOME – NDP Music Video by SINdie

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Hi Readers! Welcome back to my blog! Woohoo… Singapore Birthday is coming in about 2 weeks time! So what exciting stuff happening here? Yes!! SINdie Production – “Singapore Independent Films Only” has created a new version of “Home” music video! With a big group of friends help and enthusiastic actor and actress, this film has successfully launched today at SINdie youtube.

The new ‘Home’ known as “Another Home”, the theme is to give everyone a ‘ONE version of the song ‘Home’ you will never forget.’ and the purpose of this music video is to celebrate Singapore’s National Day in a different way.

In this video, you will see epic sense such as Maid carrying army bag, Singapore General elections rally, Bear appear from nowhere and different kind of occupation available in Singapore!

Friendly artist’s Chua Enlai from Fly Entertainment had also come into this music video, acting as Army Boy! Well, without further explanation, let’s check out the SINdie “Another Home” NDP music below here:

What is The Other National Day 2011 Video all about?
In short, this video is like the Opposition Party. Year after year, we are fed with similar rosy images of a first-world city with hardworking, blissful citizens waxing lyrical about how ‘there’s no place they’d rather be’. And the looks from year to year are converging, so this is a concerted effort to make an alternative fun music video to also say ‘Happy Birthday Singapore, let’s put down our defenses and laugh at ourselves!’

It takes a familiar song – ‘Home’ popularized by Kit Chan and packs a year’s worth of some of the strangest happenings in Singapore into a music video. Needless to say, expect lots of digs at GE 2011. If this takes off and we can get sponsors next year, who knows, ‘The Other National Day Video’ could become an annual production which takes a dig at that particular year’s ‘Uniquely Singaporean’ happenings. At the end of the day, the video needs to reflect the socio-political zeitgeist of that year.

“Another Home” Behind the Scenes:
It was a great opportunities to be a part of this music video and I enjoyed the filming process with all the friendly actor and actress as well as SINdie production team members. As for today, I will be sharing some behind the scenes picture of this music video, hope you guys enjoy seeing it! Hahaha

Make-up in progress and wonder how they look like?

Here how we look like! LOL! I am acting as Minister!

Practising the “Another HOME” Dance choreography

Saw this scene inside the music video? haha

Girls having group pictures with Chua Enlai

Well, for more exclusive behind the scenes pictures of this Parody NDP 2011 music video, feel free to visit SINdie Parody fans page at and hope you enjoy the “Another Home” music video! Have a nice weekends and Happy Birthday to Singapore!!!