An Ocean of Possibilities at ArtScience Museum


A weekend indulge with my passion, I made a stopover at Singapore ArtScience Museum to visit ‘An Ocean of Possibilities’ photography exhibition, an international showcase a life of photographers conceptualize with visual lights and lenses, featuring over 200 photos of 34 artists from 21 countries.

An Ocean of Possibilities was curated following an international call for photographers to respond to questions such as how we address political and environmental challenges globally. After receiving more than 1,000 entries, a collective narrative began to emerge – that of photographers around the globe articulating alternatives that could help make the world a better place.

I am impressed with the exhibition as it showcase how the use of camera lenses and the effects whereby those still photographs bring out a real life situation representing endurance and the nature of human resilience drawn from all spheres of social life including politics, economics, humanities, religion and identity.

An Ocean of Possibilities is one of three exhibitions, and a series of events, workshops and education spaces, that form the Season of Art and Science of Photography at ArtScience Museum. The exhibition is now available from 31 October to 28 December 2014.