AKB48 Everyday、カチューシャ Music Video


To all AKB48 fans here! Guess what! AKB48 is going to release their new single album soon. There is one whole section of AKB48 news this week but for today, I will be sharing a review on their latest song called “Everyday、カチューシャ”, in English “Everyday, Kachusha”.

Yup, as you can see the teaser music video above. “Everyday、カチューシャ” has a very catchy lyric and music and you will realise that this music video has some sort of combination between their past previous MV – “heavy rotation”, “baby baby baby”, “ポニーテールとシュシュ” and “大声ダイヤモン”.

Sadly that, poor ‘Atsuko Maeda’ every time got “bully” or “scold” in the MV. However, it have a great impact and concept in this “Everyday, Kachusha” music video. The teamwork of them is bonded together as you can see in this mv and i got touched by the last part where they are waving hand off with their group members. Check out this cool video below here: