AfterShock (唐山大地震) Movie Review


Life is shortness, World is Cruel… 3 second of smile can led you to 30 years of sadness… Well, movie started with the year 1976, Tangshan city area. Family get destroy due to earthquake purpose, ground flooded with bloods and tears and dead bodies.

Tangshan Earthquake happened in 28 July 1976, the day where people was enjoying their night and suddenly, earthquake hits Tangshan area. Few second of earthquake, destroy million of people living in TangShan City.

*You don’t understand how it feels to lose someone because you’ve never lost before.* When a mother is informed by the rescue team, saying that out of your 2 child, we can only save one. She was forced to make the most difficult decision of her life. 手心手背都是肉,母亲没办法,最后还是选者了弟弟。。。

Miracle that this young little girl survive after the horror earthquake, she is homeless and parentless, trying to over come everything happen in her real eyes. However, she was adopted by a caring solider, new family form and this continues in her later part of life.

32 years later, the horror happened in Sichuan , this little girl also has grow up and because of the memories of TangShan earthquake, she went back to help those needy in Sichuan earthquake. At last she found back her own real family. * 不管埋怨多久,家人始终还是家人*

Thanks for inviting to the After Shock (唐山大地震) Movie. I find this movie was great, it show a Spirit to everyone saying that although living things were destroyed but we must overcome the difficultly that we faced in real life. *是一种活下去的精神* Movie climax between the story line was kinda fast but overall still worth it to watch. I rate this After Shock movie: 4/5 stars. After all, i call it a day.

AfterShock Movie Synopsis:

When the Sichuan earthquake takes over 80,000 lives in 2008, she volunteers to join the rescue team and returns to her homeland, China. As she witnesses the tribulations people go through when a natural disaster takes place, she finally unlocks the pain she had felt all these years and finds forgiveness. She finally reunites with the mother and twin brother she had parted from after 32 years. A human drama about finding forgiveness, ‘Aftershock’ depicts not only the fatal tragedy that is brought on by natural disaster of great levels but also the strength and courage that is demonstrated when we are in face of extreme and devastating situations.

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  1. i just watched it and it was soo touching and meaningful. yes it is very emotional and i cried for so longg. its very good, highly recommended:)

  2. there's a lot of good movies that i watched and really touching too, but this one is far different. it made me cry even after i watched until the next day and i don't know if when can i forget all the scenes which made me cry. there's no dull moment in this movie. for me, its highly recommended. I will recommend it to all people who is known to me

  3. Typical mainland China movies. They alway carter to Gweilo now a day. They try to tell the world how modern chinese woman are now. Frankly how many Chinese woman you see are have kid before married and run off to Canada and married a Gweilo. Haha. Thumb down. The Story show how she united with her brother was so predictable.

  4. I hav came across this site n just read ur blog. this is too good. you have present the story in such a good way of how the incident took place n how a girl after so many yrs went to search fr her family.