A Merry Malaysian Christmas with Penang Culture: Mega Nasi Lemak Platters

Christmas with Penang Culture

Christmas is best celebrated with family, friends and food, and Penang Culture is checking all the boxes above with its Mega Nasi Lemak Lamb Shank Platter for the holidays.

Celebrate a merry Malaysian Christmas with everything you’ll find in a classic nasi lemak, except in portions four times the usual size, worthy of sharing with your closest and dearest. There will be lamb shank rendang, sambal stingray, sambal udang (prawn), chicken satay, sambal telur (egg) and more, all in one platter that will feed and satiate the whole family.

Mega Nasi Lemak Platters

50% Off Mega Nasi Lemak Platters

To begin elevating the nasi lemak, Penang Culture dresses it up with Lamb Shank Rendang. Lamb shank is cooked in rendang sauce fragranced by lemongrass, garlic, blue ginger, turmeric leaf and more, before an addition of coconut milk thickens the sauce into a creamy indulgence. Coriander powder further lifts flavours while grounded fried coconut and lime leaves give it that finishing zing.

There is also Satay Chicken with Peanut Sauce. Eight sticks of chicken meat are first marinated in curry powder, coriander seed powder, shallot, garlic and more before being grilled to perfection and served with a crunchy peanut sauce.

The Sambal Udang is a sweet, sour, and spicy rendition of juicy prawns cooked in tomato sauce flavoured with assam paste, sugar, dry chilli, belacan, red onion and lemongrass. Six pieces of them go perfectly with the Grilled Sambal Stingray that is barbecued to a smoky flavour with its marinade of lemongrass, red chilli, ginger, fish sauce, assam paste and belacan.

Also included in the platter are two pieces Crispy Garlic Chicken Cutlets. Whole boneless chicken legs that are bathed in oyster sauce, light soy sauce and garlic before it is battered and fried to a golden crisp. They come with Sambal Telur – hardboiled eggs cooked in tomato sauce, assam paste, dry chilli, belacan and lemongrass for jam-packed flavour.

Rounding up the nasi lemak experience is an achar of cured cucumber, pineapple, onion and carrot in white vinegar, sugar, and chilli for a spot of freshness. Deep fried ikan bilis and sambal chilli come with four portions of blue pea nasi lemak rice for the full mile enjoyment.

For those who do not take lamb, customers can also opt for the Chicken Curry Bomb instead of the Lamb Shank Rendang. The Mega Nasi Lemak Lamb Shank Platter is priced at $59 (u.p. $118) and Mega Nasi Lemak Platter with Chicken Curry Bomb will be priced at $55 (u.p. $110).

Golden Bread Bombs

Christmas Edition: Golden Bread Bombs

The Chicken Curry Bomb can also be ordered ala carte for $9.90. A popular crowd favourite back by popular demand, it comes with a whole boneless chicken leg cooked to tenderness in rich coconut curry, accompanied by potatoes. There’s also the Assam Seafood Bomb priced at $10.90. Prawn, sotong and lady’s fingers are stir-fried with chilli, onion and tomatoes for a sweet and sour delight from the ocean.

Christmas with Penang Culture

A Feast to Remember at 50% Off

From 1 to 31 December 2021, enjoy 50% off the Mega Nasi Lemak Lamb Shank Platter, available for delivery and dine in (subject to the latest dine-in restrictions). Pay only $59 for 4-5pax (U.P. $118) for the full platter; or you can also have the option of replacing the Lamb Shank Rendang with the Chicken Curry Bomb for $55 for 4-5 pax (U.P. $110). The platters are at 30% off on islandwide delivery.