A day Without Laughter is A day Wasted


Woohoo! It’s weekend! The picture below represent my nowadays. It had been a busy week for me to clear lots of school project. My life is just like living in a black and white distance from my own reflection, I am finding a way to produce more time and by looking through the window, I believe that the day will come.

I smile to myself as well as to the others since the beginning of the year. I look forward to foresee daily task and hoping that good times will come if I wish for. I planned my every day differently and I enjoyed my busy moment as days come by.

A day without laughter is a day wasted.

Last week, I attended my good friend’s Leo farewell party with a group of friends in town. Great catching up with them too! All the best to my friend’s Leo in Korea! Hoping that we will meet one day there!

Yup! According to my instagram photo, I am having delicious foods almost every week with friends. Hahaha… Not sponsored one btw! Once in a life time, I feel like we should hamper ourselves with some good foods in our tummy. Isn’t it? Haha

Dinner with friends at Dian Xiao Er Marina Square

Curry Fish Head Dinner with friends at Heng Heng Curry Cafe

Dessert Chill Out at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe with William and Sheena

Thank You Golden Village Pictures for the invite to watch Cloud Atlas Press Screening. The story concepts of Cloud Atlas is awesome and if you focus into the deeper concept of Cloud Atlas, you will realize that life cycle actually happen in anywhere and anytime. Cloud Atlas movie show the past, present and future of life, the moral of story is to believe the true-truth and this one thing I very agreed with. Perhaps, we should just live, and what happens will happen. I rate Cloud Atlas Movie 4/5 star.