A Day in Transit at Singapore Changi Airport


How many of you do you actually explore around the departure / transit halls when travelling via Changi Airport?  Or, are you like me, always rushing to the boarding gate for my flight without much time roaming about?

Thanks to Singapore Changi Airport team, I had the chance and luxury to explore among the 3 departure / transit halls to experience #ADayInTransit at Singapore Changi Airport.  It was a real eye opener for me as only then I realised the airport has gone through much makeover and make it an enjoyable experience for departure / transit.  This is no wonder Changi Airport has voted as the Best Airport in the World by Business Traveller (UK) magazine for 26 consecutive years!

5 newly themed gardens are located in the various terminals, of which I love the Orchid Garden & Butterfly Garden Most.  I bet I’ll love Sunflower Garden too, but I had missed to check out this time round.

T1 – Cactus Garden

T2 – Enchanted Garden, Orchid Garden & Sunflower Garden

T3 – Butterfly Garden

Feeling Hungry during mid of the night while waiting for your night fly?  No worries, there are 24 hours food court where you can get to taste the nostalgic local delights.

While waiting to board your flight, you can check your emails or surf the net with the 550 free internet kiosks across the 3 terminals, or if you prefer to use your own device, you can simply use the free airport-wide Wi-Fi.  And there’s need not to fear about your mobile devices battery running low because of all the surfing as there are more than 800 charging points available.

Alternatively, you can opt to Xperience zone to catch the latest sports events, or snap your own self-portrait and send as an e-Postcard at the e-Postcard booth.

Otherwise, you can head over to the movie theatre to catch a movie.  The movie theatres are available in both T2 and T3. There are also arts installation around where you can have a moment of art appreciation.

If you are worried about your active kids getting bored during the transit?  Why not bring them over to the Social Tree at T1, where they can get a snapshot of themselves and shared to the social tree. There’s also “Three Little Pigs” featured nearby the social tree where kids enjoyed running about, posing for shots!

Feeling tired? There are free massaging facilities available too where you can give your tired feet a good massaging.

Needed more information of the exact spots of the above facilities?  You can easily pick up the Aiport Guide and Shop & Dine Guide which are updated every quarterly, for reference.

If you are still feeling lost, feel free to approach any of the Changi Experience Agent stationed at the information counter or those who are patrolling around and are readily to assist you.

To see what else the Airport Departure / Transit Hall has to offer, visit our Facebook Photo Album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.331438487007534.1073741842.159209294230455&type=1&l=c34dabbe76


  1. I always heard about how fun the Changi Airport is but still never have a chance to experience it yet, I am sure one day I will get to have fun in the airport. Did you try the slide?

    • Hi Nick, I was tempted to try the slide, but was a bit shy coz I'm an old kid, lol… Definitely, hope you will be making your trip to Singapore soon? Meanwhile, have a great weekend!