8 Durian delivers freshest durian melt in your mouth

8 durian Singapore online delivery

8 Durian delivers freshest durian

Are you looking for fresh durian to satisfy your durian craving? Recently my partner and I got introduced to 8 Durian. It is one of Singapore’s favourite online durian delivery in 2019 and 2020. We browse through their website and decided to order the premium Mao Shan Wang and Black Gold durians. They have a series of durian ranges from D13 Red Prawn to Premium Black Gold Mao Shan Wang; from pure sweet to bittersweet taste. Noted that, we advise you to place your order 2 days in advantage if you are looking at their premium range category. The reason because their durians are fresh shipment from Pahang plantation daily.

durian from Pahang plantation

8 Durian website also educates their customers on how to choose a good durian as well as how they process their durian daily. With that, they also promise their customers to deliver the freshest and quality durians to their doorstep within 60 minutes. Hence, free delivery will be applied to those who have purchased more than $100 in the total price. Well, if you received bad durian, you can ask for a replacement or a full refund.

In terms of the durian pricing, we would say that it is depending on the seasonal rate. Currently for D13 Red Prawn is selling at $16/kg and Premium Mao Shan Wang is selling at $23.50/kg. Overall, it is still affordable compared to the actual durian stall. You can check out their website daily to secure your best rates of the freshest durian delivery. https://8durian.com

8 Durian Singapore

8 Durian online delivery website is friendly and our ordering process was smooth as well as we are glad for their punctual delivery. The Black Gold durians were very rich and bitter while the AAA Grade Mao Shan Wang ones were milder and sweeter in taste. If you are a serious durian lover, we recommend going straight for the delicious Black Gold durians. Personally, we prefer our durians non-chilled since we intended to finish everything on the day itself as durians left overnight are not as fresh. The texture of the durian will also not be as creamy which is the way we like to have it.