7 Top things to do during the trip to Singapore within the budget

singapore landscape

singapore landscape

One of the most visited countries in Asia is Singapore. This country is urbanized and also one of the most developed ones in the world. You can make a trip to this fascinating city and find many things unique about it. Being a busy city that is frequented by visitors throughout the year, it will be wise to plan ahead your travel and book your preferred best hotels in Singapore to have a thrilling trip. This way, you can save significant amount and enjoy your trip completely.

Spectra Light & Water Show

This water and light spectacle is sure to leave you completely mesmerized. Marina Bay Sands show involves amazing projections and choreography of singing and dancing fountains. It is free should be a part of your trip and sure to save some money. It is a 15-minute show and is offered throughout the week, but as specific times. So, do check out the timings prior to the visit. The best location for getting a better glimpse of the show is to go to the left-hand side, facing Louis Vuitton Store. If you plan your itinerary carefully, you can have the opportunity to check out both shows (Spectra light show & SuperTree Grover show) in the same day, as they are both close by.

SuperTree Grove Light Show

This light show is quite mesmerizing, and you will feel like having entered into some fairy tale place. Every evening, there is held Garden Rhapsody show at Gardens by the Bay. Futuristic looking Marina Bay Super Trees also referred to as ‘mushrooms’ get lighted in amazing ways to the tune of music. An amazing atmosphere is created, and every detail is tuned perfectly to provide that fabulous and wonderful feeling. It is sure to stimulate your mind. Since the program changes quite often, it will be useful to visit them repeatedly every time you visit Singapore. Coming before time can help you get a better viewing spot. To visit the show, take MRT and alight at Bayfront Station. This show is free.

cloud forest

Cloud Forest

It is a new concept designed by the Singaporeans, to include artificial waterfalls and planted walls. There is something surreal about it. It is indeed worth the visit, even if you are in Singapore for even a day. Here, you can get to learn about different species of rare plants. You can also walk around the mysterious man-built world. There is also a high hill of 35m covered with lush vegetation. It is also the tallest indoor waterfall of the world. Covering the place will take about 1.5 hours. The conservation area is a bit moist and chilly. So, you will require taking a jacket.

Singapore zoo

Singapore Zoo

This zoo covers 8 hectares and has animals living in areas designed to appear like their natural habitats. You can get to see pygmy hippos, otters, lions, giant crocodiles, rhinoceros, zebras, orangutans, and other animals. Being a big complex, visitors are offered four options to choose from:

  • Jurong Birds Park which hosts 400 species of birds numbering around 5,000+. It is considered to be among the world’s largest free-flying aviaries.
  • Singapore Zoo: Here, you can come across 300 mammals, reptiles and bird species numbering around 2,800.
  • River Safari: It is among the largest freshwater fauna collections in the world. It houses over 6,000 animals and includes 40 threatened species.
  • Night safari: You can get to see 1,000+ animals living in their natural night-time habitat. There is an electric tram that will offer you a ride across the safari providing you with guided experience.

You need to have plenty of time to visit them all, or simply choose a type that interests you the most.

• Singapore Botanic Gardens: It is a beautiful park and you can roam around its alleys, check out the trees and different types of plant species. There are 47 heritage trees, 3 lakes and 314 plant species within the garden. You need to have time to fully explore the garden. This place is well kept, fresh and modern. You can also come across the Asian water monitor lizard. There are no charges to visit the garden. Free tours are also conducted every Saturday. But National Orchid Garden is charged some small amount and is worth the visit. You can find new orchid types, numbering around 600 species, which are visually appealing. Take the MRT, alight at Botanic Garden Station.

• Haw Par Villa: It is a unique place and also among the weirdest themed parks of the world. It depicts scenes taken from Chinese folklore and use of 1,000+ statues. Few of them are demons pitchforking loan sharks, old woman getting breastfed, including other strange things, some of which can be really hard to forget. ‘10 Courts of Hell’ is another highlight of the place. Here, there are depicts of different types of punishments given in hell. It will require 2 hours to complete the visit and also gain useful information on the mysterious statues. There is no charge for entering the place. It is best visited in the morning, during summer months to escape the heat. Get MRT and alight at Haw Par Villa Station.

• Street food: Although there are numerous restaurants all over the city, they are mostly expensive. If you are on a budget, no need to worry as you can get good hygienic and well cooked, flavourful food in the streets. Moreover, food is also surprisingly cheap. You can walk around Chinatown district and find hawkers selling street food in their mobile stalls. Try out whatever is authentic and delicious. There are endless varieties to choose from. The local cuisine is also mouth-watering. In case you are new to the place, you can get expert guidance to walk through Chinatown. You can choose the best dishes and enjoy it thoroughly. Those who are food lovers can take out ample time to explore the place. There are goodies like poh plah, rice cakes, chicken rice, etc.

Overall, the trip to Singapore can be an amazing one with careful planning.