7 Healthy Dishes to Eat at the Flight Club in KLIA Malaysia


Have you visited the new airport dining concept – Flight Club located in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Malaysia? This innovative brand is owned by the Plaza Premium Group and is specifically designed for the airport where healthy dining can be made possible even on the road.

Flight Club showcases an enticing menu of western and international cuisines, with the emphasis on the use of herbs and seeds, from rosemary to oregano, and from chia seeds to flaxseeds, creating a range of visually enticing and healthy dishes blended with natural and colourful ingredients.

The soaring windows of Flight Club bring extra charm by offering a magnificent view over the runway. To complement travellers’ seamless airport experience, amenities such as charging stations, flight information display board, TV channels, complimentary Wi-Fi and a selection of magazines and newspapers are also available for the guests’ disposal.

In addition to a wide array of green and healthy delicacies, the bar inside this eatery serves specialty cocktails and coffee, chilled beers and cold-pressed signature juices to help ward off travel woes. For those wanting something quick on-the-go, the Take Away counter offers designer wraps with wholesome fillings or the option of creating your own exclusive wrap.

1. 6’C Fresh Cameron Highland Tomato Soup with Lime Sorbet

Started off my meal with a bowl of refreshing cold and freezing soup to spiced up my appetite.

2. Caesar Salad

Not your normal caesar salad where you can at anywhere! The caesar salad was full of crunchy greens, handful of cherry tomatoes, rotisserrie chicken, and topped up with their home-made dressing. Ladies definitely will love this dish, as the caesae salad was healthy, refreshing and the rotisserrie chicken mkae the salad more fragrance as the chicken was marinated with herbs and spiced. Worth a try.

3. 1824 Beef Cheek

The beef was extreme tender and flavorful. Meat and beef lover will definitely love this dish. Sweet and savory sauce to go with the beef cheek, surprising they work wells together!

4. Englishmen’s fish and chips

If you are not a meat lover, why not give this fish and chips a try. The fish tasted very similar to a snack called “Goreng Pisang” (Deep fried banana). The batter recipe they used for the fish was created by the chef. He even went out to ask for the recipe for the goreng pisang. If you love goreng pisang, you will love this fish and chips!

5. Angel Hair Aglio Olio
My favourite dish among all! The pasta texture was al-dente and smooth. The spiciness was just perfect. Spices and herbs was used in this dish, it make the pasta even seductive!

6. Nasi Lemak
Simple dish and yet it wasn’t that easy to make a bowl of good and yummy nasi lemak. Glad that they served a good nasi lemak. The pandan rice was fragrance and moist. The mini drumlets was well deep fried still it has the crispy skin and tender meat. The sambal was spicy, fragrance and “Shiok”. If only they sell their sambal in a small container. I will definitely buy back home.

7. Beetroot Ice Cream with Cheesecake
Have you heard before of beetroot ice cream? If never you should give this ice cream a try! Because you will never regret it! The ice cream was freshly made daily. One bite of ice cream, one bite of cheesecake can make you happy for all days!

My Verdict:
It was an exquisite and valuable dining experience at the Flight Club in KL Airport, Malaysia. The foods in the restaurant were well served in delicious and their services were excellent too. I am impressed by the ambiances especially the magnificent view of the airport runway. It is just simply perfect to capture the smooth moment while waiting for my next flight schedule.


Editor: Jonathan Soh and Yeo Hong Peng
Photography: Yeo Hong Peng