6 Things to Do When Planning the Ultimate Staycation

Ultimate Staycation

Who doesn’t love to get a break from their routine with a nice vacation in some fabulous, exotic location? But, sometimes it’s just not practical or possible to travel far. If you want to make the most of your holidays (and don’t want to break the bank), consider planning a staycation. The concept sounds unusual. But, when done correctly, staying close to home can be just as relaxing as going to an exotic location in the middle of the ocean. To get the most out of everything, here are some things to consider when planning your ultimate staycation.

budget staycation


Just like you would do for a vacation, plan what you’ll be doing on the staycation. Start by allocating a budget for the holiday. Start doing this a few weeks before your staycation to get the most out of it. Check for things that are happening close to home, and think about some of your favorite things to do. Taking a purposeful approach will make it more than just the usual time you spend at home with family and friends. It will truly make your staycation feel like a vacation.

email auto response

Set-Up Auto Response

Switch off the alarms and alerts. You took off of work, after all, to get away from work. Set-up an auto response for your email, noting you are on vacation. If it’s an emergency the person trying to reach you can give you a call. Otherwise, it can wait. You are on vacation and earned this time to unplug and recharge.

Tidy up the day before

Yes, you have some work to do the day before the staycation kicks off. But think; when you show up to a destination and check-in to a hotel, isn’t it very neat and tidy? Do the same for yourself. When you arrive home for the beginning of your staycation, make it feel like you’re checking-in to a custom hotel that was made just for you. Trick yourself into thinking you have just arrived at The Hotel (Your Name).

Discover New Places

Discover New Places

Use Google Maps and ask your family and friends for recommendations for new places to visit and experience. Use the staycation to visit that new eatery everyone’s raving about, or sign up for a group exercise or cooking class. Whatever it is, get out of your comfort zone. Explore, learn, and create new memories. You may very well end up with a new favorite thing to do.

Plan a Hotel Stay

Plan a Hotel Stay

Move away from the house to a nice hotel for a day or two. Do not hesitate to enjoy the amenities they have to offer. Make the hotel stay your own private get-away. Free soaps, room service, maybe even a spa treatment. Do a little research beforehand and find a hotel with amenities that you will enjoy.

Find a Show to Binge

A staycation is a perfect time to burn through some TV shows. Tune into your streaming service, or revisit an old show of yours. Now is the time to catch up on that show that everyone is raving about. Gather your fellow staycationers and decide on a show to start (or finish) watching.


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