6 G Suite Applications that will help your daily tasks

G Suite Applications

G Suite Applications

Every company that seeks to increase the results of its teams, aims at digital transformation and the benefits that this optimization can bring them. That is why small, medium and large companies today use the G Suite platform to improve their productivity, collaboration and security processes. Along these lines, G Suite offers a varied pull of tools, and surely, you have not yet tried them all. Here we tell you about some that will undoubtedly facilitate your tasks!

1. Create Shared and Private Folders to Save your Files with G Suite

Use Google Drive to keep all your documents handy, documents you can save with; Google Docs, Google Sheets as well in Google Slides. This tool allows you to share with your team all those files that are necessary to carry out collaborative tasks, such as digital assets and images, among many others. You can update them online and view them from any device connected to the network.

2. Google Calendar Helps you Organize your Time for Google Meet

You can use the Google calendar to organize your time, tasks, events and meetings. This application allows you to schedule others to organize your entire team regarding a specific topic, as well as to show your available times for new appointments.
Google Calendar has different notifications and reminders for its desktop and mobile version, so you never forget what you have planned!

3. Chat with your Collaborators through G Suite Hangouts Meet

Say goodbye to waiting for email responses to urgent issues with your team. Solve questions and comment on work issues quickly, through Google Hangouts instant messaging. You can create group chats by section, or speak directly with one of your collaborators.

4. Did you know Google Groups?

With G Suite Google Meet, you can bring together groups of people, project teams, or entire departments to communicate and collaborate more effectively. This option allows you to send emails, schedule events and share documents to a single address that will reach the entire team. On the other hand, you have the option of creating online forums to discuss tasks or resources related to the group in question.

5. Google Cloud Search can Advise you

With Cloud Search, you can search for content in the Google products you use, locate contact information, receive recommendations based on your calendar, and much more, in order to optimize your time and speed up the execution of different tasks you can also take help with TS Cloud Malaysia local reseller and TS Cloud Singapore local reseller in case if you wish to purchase G Suite from a local reseller in Malaysia and also from Singapore.

6. Integrate more Applications to Improve your Processes

The G Suite Marketplace allows you to find more specific applications that will help the processes of other more complex departments, such as administration, finance and accounting. Find those tools that optimize your tasks and help them deliver better results.
Now that you know more about G Suite, it’s time for you to start supporting your teams with technology! Still don’t have a G Suite plan? Learn about all the options available to your company.