5D4N Taiwan Trip: Brilliant Sunset shines across Tamsui (淡水) Taipei

Taiwan Tamsui

Located on the same line (RED), my friend and I took a MRT from XinBeitou station and alight at the Tamsui Station. We exit the MRT station and turn right to reach our destination. Welcome to Tamsui (淡水 – Danshui), one of my favourite place nestled in the northern part of Taipei city. It is definitely a must-visit attraction place for all visitors in Taipei.

‘Simplicity’ and ‘Lovely’ are the best to describe my moment in Tamsui district. It was a windy evening in Tamsui, my friend and I took a stroll along the Tamsui waterfront to enjoy the sea breeze while waiting for the sun to set. PS: We reached one hour earlier before the sunset timing.


Took a photo at the Tamsui River

The sunset timing in Tamsui, Taipei was at 5pm (during cold season). I was stunned by the brilliant sunset shines across the Tamsui waterfront toward the Tamsui old street. As a sunset lover, it was a golden opportunity for me to Photoshoot the amazing sunset landscape. Really love it! *Do check out here for the sunrise and sunset timing in Taipei.*

“Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.”


Popular location for sunset viewing in Tamsui, Taipei.

So what to do besides catching the magnificent sunset in Tamsui (Danshui)waterfront? Well, visitors can enjoy the traditional cultural performances along the street of Tamsui and at the same time shopping at the souvenir shops, having little fun at the carnival games stall and delight-in the Taiwan Xiaochi snacks along the Tamsui Old Street (淡水老街).

We call it a day at Tamsui (淡水), Taipei!
Direction to the Tamsui Waterfront, Taipei (台北淡水景点)