5 Well-Known Benefits of Taking SkillsFuture Courses

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SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), an upskilling initiative supported by Singapore’s Future Economy Council (FEC), is helping to broaden the landscape of Singapore’s workforce. Through its training subsidies, SkillsFuture offers a range of professional development learning opportunities for Singaporeans.

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Course offerings through SkillsFuture include full-time courses to earn a National ITE Certificate (NITEC), part-time courses to earn a Certificate of Competency (CoC), work-study programmes, and traineeship courses, as well as advice workshops and personalised one-on-one skills training sessions. Enrollees can choose to upskill in fields like business, information technology, electronics, engineering, advanced manufacturing, applied health sciences, hospitality management, and design and media.

In 2021, SkillsFuture was responsible for upskilling more than 600,000 Singaporean participants, many of whom found their livelihoods in a state of precarity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the same year, SSG welcomed as many as 30,000 enrollees to the SkillsFuture Series courses for burgeoning disciplines like tech-enabled services and data analytics. For 2022 and beyond, SSG will push for greater national competency in three key areas: the digital economy, the care economy, and the green economy. To get you excited about enrolling in one of these SkillsFuture funded courses yourself, here’s a list of five well-known benefits of participating in the SkillsFuture programme.

It Has Strengthened the Learning Skills and Competencies of Many Singaporeans

SSG aims to upskill participants from all walks of life. This includes students, new employees, mid-career employees looking to enter a new trade, and older Singaporeans who want to re-enter the workforce after a long time away. Participants are invited to enrol in SkillsFuture courses to sharpen their knowledge and practical skills in fields they want to excel in. In recent years, the time and effort they’ve invested in SkillsFuture has proven fruitful; according to the latest available SkillsFuture annual report, 9 out of 10 Singaporeans surveyed indicated that their professional performances improved after they took courses funded by SSG.

It Has Helped Participants Choose Careers They Love

In addition to imparting core trade skills to Singaporeans, the SkillsFuture programme has also helped them make the best of turning points in their careers. SkillsFuture courses have prepared enrollees to enter new trades from scratch or embark on completely different career paths after spending years in unrelated disciplines. Participants have been able to stoke their passion for self-improvement, dedicate themselves wholly to supporting themselves and their families, and become brave enough to take chances on fulfilling new careers. Indeed, through a SkillsFuture course, one can be led to discern the type of job that’s really right for them.

It Has Opened Doors Towards Lucrative Job Opportunities

Since its official launch in 2015, the SkillsFuture brand has gained wide name recognition among both public and private employers in Singapore. This, on top of the competitive skills learned through SkillsFuture courses, has increased participants’ employability and their chances of scoring well-paying jobs with prestigious companies. Promising tradespeople who want to work with top local and global organisations will gain a significant advantage through SkillsFuture.

It Has Prepared Singaporeans for Professional Life in the Modern World

It’s no secret that Singapore’s labour market is very different from what it was like in previous decades. There’s a pressing need for Singaporean professionals to be able to navigate the complexities of the market and adjust to employers’ expectations. Modern-day employers in the city-state look for flexibility and tech-savviness in their job candidates on top of core competencies for the positions themselves. Adjusting to the fast pace of the highly digitalised global economy is, without a doubt, a big challenge for Singaporeans to overcome. However it is a challenge that SkillsFuture can get them through via extensive upskilling, training opportunities, and career education.

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It Has Bolstered a Culture of Lifelong Learning in Singapore

Lastly, SkillsFuture has strengthened the culture that fuels lifelong learning. Through initiatives like SSG courses, Singaporeans have discovered that their learning experiences don’t have to be limited to just one time and space—for instance their school years spent in a university. SkillsFuture has made it possible to learn brand-new skills in hybrid environments, at any stage in a Singaporean’s professional life. As a result, the programme has kindled a permanent love for learning and the reinforcement of professional traits like drive and resourcefulness. Alumni of SkillsFuture courses can take these values with them, and, most importantly, practise them in whichever careers they choose for themselves.

Cultivate Your Potential with SkillsFuture Singapore

If you’re looking to upskill and earn certifications that will prepare you for a new trade, consider enrolling in one of SkillsFuture’s subsidised courses. You may be able to secure the knowledge and support you need in order to jumpstart a fulfilling new career. Learn more about the programme through SkillsFuture’s official online portals.