5 ways to have fun and creative with your family and friends at the i Light Marina Bay 2017


i Light Marina Bay returns this year with more eco-friendly, interactive and children-friendly activities, featuring 20 charming sustainable light art installations and 3 distinct festival hubs held at The Promontory @ Marina Bay, The Float @ Marina Bay and the Bayfront Event Space from 3 March to 26 March 2017.

I love the brilliant conceptualisation of the lights and the arts creation by our local students as well as the overseas talents lined up along the Marina Bay Singapore. Likewise, parents with kids are strongly recommended to visit the Art-Zoo located at The Float @ Marina Bay whereby the giant inflatable animal playground is going to be a one-stop fun area for family-bonding.

Without further ado, let’s check out some of the fun and creative things you can do with your friends and family at the i Light Marina Bay 2017. *Do note that this is just my favourite pick on the i Light installations and programmes activities for this year.*

1. Blend yourself into the Light Installations (Silhouette Photography)
In order to capture the silhouette effect on your photograph; firstly the background needs to be brighter than your subject. Well, here are 3 of my favourite light installations which good to play with the Silhouette Photography.

HYBYCOZO (Location: Esplanade waterfront)
HYBYCOZO sits on the intersection of science, technology, geometry, materials, and the artists’ favorite book, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Taking in these far-ranging influences, the artists have borrowed from everything from ancient Islamic tiles to the patterns created by particle physicists when modeling the unified field theory to translate the appearance of beauty within naturally occurring harmonic relationships and patterns in the natural world into sculptural form.

HOME (Location: Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade, near the Marina Bay City Gallery)
Here in this urban jungle stands an illusory image of an immediately recognizable home using light – as if a child’s sketch or an unreal mirage among the cityscape. Home is a place of safety and a shelter, illuminating the dark and attracting stray wanderers like a lighthouse in the chaos.

Ocean Pavilion (Location: The Promontory)
Inspired by the natural forms of the microscopic diatoms and radiolarians found in the rivers and seas around Singapore, the Ocean Pavilion is both a space for contemplation and wonder. Made from 25,000 upcycled Evian bottles with the help of students from 11 schools around Singapore, the artwork promotes reuse and upcycling efforts.

2. Colour outside the lines
Sometimes all you need is a little splash of colour in your life. This year I Light festival surprising showcase a range of variant colours across the Marina Bay and here are my 2 favourite pick.

Horizontal Interference (Location: Mist Walk)
Horizontal Interference is formed by a colourful cord construction which connects the trees in a simple manner. This architecture of wires, itself already beautiful in the day, turns into a spectacular beauty at nightfall. A simple, yet ingenious illumination merges the natural and constructed elements, creating a poetic and powerful image, moving in the wind.

(Ultra) Light Network (Location: The Promontory)
(Ultra) light network exposes nature’s basis as networks of energy and information flows and portrays the duality of light as luminous energy and light as immaterial quality. An ultra-light structure floats 2.5m overhead, consisting of 150 organic-shaped 3D printed nodes connected into a volumetric mesh. The presence of activity near the structure triggers dynamic patterns of light that pick up in intensity as more people approach the structure.

3. Admire and capture the visuality
Regardless you photograph in landscape or portrait, the i Light displays for this year are definitely Instagram-worthy and Insta-boomerang worthy.

The Body of the Sea (Location: Merlion Park)
As the evening fades into night, the Merlion seems to breathe in the water of Marina Bay, creating a flowing and extraordinary dress made out of matter from the sea. Successive waves of seawater give the Merlion a coral dress, a surreal skin of fish, shells and other marine creatures. This endless ebb and flow of colours, images and sound come together to give shape to the Soul of the Sea.

The Colorful Garden of Light (Location: Clifford Square)
These curious plants at an impressive scale adorn the Marina Bay, and offer the audience a chance to celebrate the new spring. A delightful courtship between these peonies and the multicoloured butterflies takes place in a dazzling chromatic show, changing colours and bringing an unusual and surprising relationship between nature and the city.

Moonflower (Location: The Promontory)
A luminiscent display of flowers that glow in the dark, inviting passers-by to take a walk through the garden in the dark. Each individual unit of flower is powered by its own solar powered LED. The modular, wireless nature of the display allows it to take on a second life in people’s gardens after i Light Marina Bay 2017.

Secret Galaxies (Location: Art Science Museum)
Secret Galaxies presents a confluence of visual imageries based on the humanistic relationships with the night sky. Accessible by all and yet almost untouched by mankind, this celestial view plays many roles in our psyche and everyday lives.

Social Sparkles (Location: Mist Walk)
A swarm of fireflies follows you through the forest – a hundred individual lights are hung overhead, lighting up and sparkling as you walk underneath them, following you. And as soon as they appear, they disappear and the sky is dark again.

4. Eat, Sing and Play @ Bayfront Event Space
A fun-filled activities along the outside Marina Bay Sands shopping mall to the Bayfront Event Space awaits the visitors to Eat, Sing and Play through the i Light Marina Bay festival.

Uncle Ringo @ i Light Marina Bay (Location: Bayfront Event Space)
Uncle Ringo is coming back to the festival, this time as one of the main components of GastroBeats! A home-grown favourite with roots that run deep into local communities, Uncle Ringo is a name that is synonymous with good old fashioned fun. With a wide stable of carnival games and rides, join us for a fun and memorable night out with entertainment for all ages.

Marina Waterfront Bazaar (Location: Bayfront Event Space)
Feel the soothing breeze and admire possibly the world’s most spectacular skyline as you shop at the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade. The Marina Waterfront Bazaar offers you a unique bazaar experience, with hard-to-find and unique merchandise offered by our vendors.

GastroBeats @ i Light Marina Bay (Location: Bayfront Event Space)
For food and music lovers, Gastrobeats at Bayfront Event Space will offer a host of delicacies and live music performances, among other activities.

5. Invade the Children’s Wonderland
Join in the children-friendly activities at the i Light Marina Bay. PS: you may be bored but I am sure your kids will love it!

Very Glowing Exhibition (Wishing River)
Very Glowing Exhibition – Very Wishing River is an installation that is filled with glow-in-the-dark pebbles. These pebbles lighted-up under UV lights, and create a magical space for visitors to explore and interact with the piece.

ART-ZOO (Location: The Float @ Marina Bay) – Ticketed @ S$15 each
From plants, animals, to ecosystems, Art-Zoo is a fun and immersive world that explore the nature through the perspective of art, creating an imaginative landscape that explore alphabets and animals. Art-Zoo stirs up wonder and curiosity in all of us through a very visual and interactive adventure.

Overall, i Light for this year is both spectacular and educational for both young and old. I hope you have a fun and enjoyable evening at the i Light Marina Bay 2017. For more information about the event, please visit: https://www.ilightmarinabay.sg