5 Unique meditation strategies to boost your self-esteem

Meditation Strategies

Meditation can sharpen your focus, boost your self-esteem, and assist in the management of anxiety and depression. We know meditation is good for us, but what happens when our routine gets a little stale? Here’s a look at five unique meditation strategies for a new approach to centering yourself.

meditation strategies

Full Body Scans

The full body scan is particularly good at helping people define what they are or are not feeling. First, find a comfortable position, lying down or sitting on a flat surface. With your eyes closed, zero in on any tense areas you may feel – slowly going over each body part. This can be down on your own, or you can complete your full body scan with the help of a guided meditation app. Many fitness centers also provide group classes where a guide will bring you through your body scan with gentle verbal cues.

Hot Stone Meditation

Hot Stone Meditation

It may be worth grabbing a friend for this one. Hot stones have long been used in both massage and meditation and for good reason. Hot stones placed on your body can improve circulation and lead to better sleep. Smooth, round stones are heated between 130 and 145 degrees before being placed on your spine, stomach, chest, face, palms, or feet to promote relaxation. Long strokes, tapping, circular motions and kneading can be used to further release muscle tension.


Yoga with Hemp

Yoga is a meditation cornerstone, but have you ever thought of adding cannabidiol to your routine? Cannabidiol, such as in oil form, is used widely by athletes for its rich nutrient content and anti-inflammatory properties – which is especially great for stretching exercises. Yoga comes with a long list of benefits on its own such as, increased flexibility, muscle tone, improved respiration, and weight reduction. Combine the naturally calming and balancing benefits of cannabidiol, and you may be able to achieve more from your yoga.

Breathing exercises

Breathe Aware Candle Gazing

Breathing exercises are a common meditative practice. Improving oxygen delivery throughout the body, releasing feel-good endorphins, and assisting in detoxifying; the act can have a profound calming effect. Fire has long been a symbol of home and safety and invokes a sense of comfort in us. You can help promote a tranquil atmosphere for your meditation by dimming the lights and adding a candle to the room. The flame makes a soothing focal point to use during the exercise that really transforms the experience.

dance meditation

Dance Meditation

There’s a reason dance meditation studios are popping up all over the nation. Combining exercise, mindfulness, and fun; dance meditations are an experience to be had. This form of meditation is particularly good at releasing tension and improving creativity. The expressive technique allows people to celebrate themselves in a healthy, stress relieving way. The aerobic exercise involved releases calming endorphins, further increasing its benefits.

In Closing

With its long list of benefits and options to fit any need, meditation can be a great addition to anyone’s day. Still unsure of what the best Meditation strategy is? This online quiz can help point you in the right direction. It doesn’t matter which meditation technique you choose, what matters is that you find an approach that works for you.