5 Reasons Why NuSkin ageLOC LumiSpa Device Meets your Essential Needs

LumiSpa review

Have you ever looked into the mirror with frustrations regards your thick eye-bags, large pores or wrinkles? Those issues may be a sign of ageing, stressfulness or even dehydration. I believe everyone wants to improve their skin radiance and get rid of those enlarged pores and wrinkles on the face.

NuSkin ageLOC LumiSpa Device

To make your life easier in this area, Nuskin has launched a device – ageLOC LumiSpa that helps you to maintain your skin on a daily basis. All you need is to spend two minutes twice a day to enjoy a healthier looking skin. How does this work? Below is my review of NuSkin ageLOC LumiSpa product.

Both large pores and eye-bags are common problems I face every day. These are mainly due to irregular sleeping and skin-care routines. I am glad that after using the NuSkin ageLOC LumiSpa for almost a month, it has improved my skin complexion. This is the first dual-action deep-cleansing device that gives your skin a cleaner, smoother and youthful look. Here are the 5 reasons why you need to have a NuSkin ageLOC LumiSpa device:

NuSkin ageLOC LumiSpa device

1. A skin-perfecting treatment device at home

Yes! This lightweight ageLOC LumiSpa device comes with a normal treatment head and an Activating Cleanser suitable for both Normal or Combo skin types. The handheld electric skin cleansing device is waterproof, rechargeable, and you can easily use at any point of time at home. All you need is just 2 minutes twice a day of your time and you get a perfect skin treatment. It is recommended for use in the morning when you wake up and at night before going to sleep. To add on, it is also easy to assemble and dissemble too.

2. It improves your skin complexion

The cleansing device helps to clean away those toxins and dirt on my skin. Once you turn on the device, it will pause every 30 seconds to allow you to move from one area of your skin to another area. By removing those dead cells on my skin, it gives me a brighter and smoother skin complexion. Each cleansing session is about 2 minutes! For ladies, you can also use this device to remove your makeup as well.

Nuskin Activating Cleanser

3. Suitable for all skin types, ages and gender

NuSkin ageLOC LumiSpa is designed for both men and women from young adults to the elderly. The Activating Cleanser is also suitable for all skin types such as dry, normal to combination, oily, sensitive and blemish prone. AgeLOC LumiSpa Activating Cleanser Normal/Combo is formulated using Nu Skin’s proprietary ageLOC ingredient blend to maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

LumiSpa cleansing device

4. It helps to minimised appearance of pores

We all hate large pores appearing on our face! This is just irritating! To be honest, after using the LumiSpa cleansing device, I realised my pores have minimised. The sweeping action help to purifies skin by lifting away loose cells while reducing the appearance of pores. Now my skin is getting smoother and brighter than before.

5. Give you a more refreshing look than before

Just imagine someone massaging your face to keep you relaxed and calm. Yes, that’s the feeling! Lumispa device delivers a deep clean feel to ensure you look refreshed at all times. I am delighted with the Nuskin cleansing gadget as it perfects my skin-care routine. Thumbs up!

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