5 Online transaction Application For Smartphone

Online transaction

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In the 1990s, if you owed someone five dollars, you could just pull a new note out of your pockets (or wallet) and give it to them. Now, cash may still be important when it comes to in-person, meager payments, sending money digitally between family and friends have been made simpler than ever before. Online transaction Application is now the answer to sending friends, family or anyone else money for anything starting from splitting a check at a restaurant to paying your half of the rent.

Here are the 5 best online payment wallet apps:

paypal payment

● PayPal

PayPal is the original of all online money transfer, with a history that goes back to the late 1990s. It found popularity as the chosen digital wallet and digital payment app for eBay transactions but has also developed to be among the most powerful names in digital payments.

This transfer app offers the capacity to send money from and to any bank based in the US and other foreign accounts. You aren’t charged any fee to send money to friends or family from a bank account or PayPal balance, but they do charge when converting currencies or sending money from credit cards.


● Venmo

PayPal owns Venmo actually but they are both different. Venmo is an Online transaction Application designed mainly to transfer money to friends with an inserted social character. Even though you can sign with your online account, it’s a mobile-first experience created mainly for on-the-go use with smartphones.

Early this year, PayPal declared that Venmo had touched 40 million active users, preparing 161 million USD in payments. This app can be used to pay not only for check splits but also for business transactions and when using a debit card, you aren’t charged anything.

● Square Cash

Square Cash is a mobile processor of credit cards. This app answers to the burgeoning preference for peer-to-peer payments. This Online transfer application does notably the same thing as Venmo does minus the social aspect. You can transfer or request money from anyone who has a Square Cash account and money is taken from a bank account linked through a debit card with no extra charges.

There is a wallet feature, similar to PayPal, or the capacity to transfer from linked accounts without storing money on your digital wallet. The app lately added the feature to sell and buy Bitcoin also, which makes it stand out amongst other apps.


● Zelle

Zelle presents a new way to send money to people directly from your bank. If you and the person you’re sending money to have an account at a bank that Zelle works with, you can send funds to them with same-day transfers. The expanding list of banks working with Zelle includes Capital One, Chase, Ally, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi and US Bank.
You can send money without download the mobile app. You aren’t charged to receive and send. You can link one bank account to Zelle currently, so it is important to link your primary account if you sign up.

Google Pay

● Google Pay

Google presents tools to accomplish almost anything you can do online and sending funds through an Online transfer Application is not an exception. Google Pay is novel in its alliance with other Google commodities, including Gmail. Yes, you read that right; you can send money to someone via e-mail by using Gmail and Google Pay. As long as you have a Google account, you’re basically already signed on to Google Pay.

Like other Google products, it is well developed and simple to use. It works both through the app or via other allied Google services. There are presently no fees charged for transactions using Google Pay.


Online transfer Application has made our lives even easier and if you aren’t already using one, check out this list and start going cash-free today!